Edmonton Sun | Nov. 02, 2000 | Eugene Harasymiw
Two-tiered health care vs two-tiered justice

From: Eugene Harasymiw
Sent: Thu 11/2/2000 5:55 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Liberal Party attack on two-tiered medicare

Dear Editor of Edmonton Sun:

Before Jean Chretien and Justice Minister Anne McLellan get too carried away with their accusations that Alliance's nefarious (in their view) agenda includes establishing "two-tiered health care," they should both consider explaining to Canadians why the Liberal Party has already instituted a two-tiered justice system. Can they explain why so-called refugee claimants (no matter what crimes they committed in their home country or how they entered Canada), as well as foreign visitors who commit criminal acts in Canada, are both extended Charter protection, while law abiding Canadians who have contributed to Canada's development and prosperity for 50 years, but now face trumped-up charges of lying to gain entry into this country, have been denied Charter protection? Can they explain why their government rejected retroactively created war crimes to be tried at the International Criminal Court level, but feel compelled to accept retroactively created offences allegedly committed over a half century ago and now set for trial in our courts? If denaturalization and deportation and Bills C-19 and C-16 do not, in their view, create a two-tiered justice system, perhaps they can explain why not.

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