Edmonton Journal | Nov. 19, 1999 | Eugene Harasymiw
Presidential election in Ukraine

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Dear Sir:

A diligent search of your newspaperís editions since the November 14, 1999 weekend has been conducted for anything of significance about the crucial presidential elections in Ukraine. We have also searched for a sustainable justification for why a nation of 52 million souls, with ancestral ties to about 3/4 of a million Canadians, should continue to be ignored by your paper. We canít find either.

However, the result of both searches does reveal a disturbing parallel to the selective emphasis placed by The Journal on historical events of human suffering. Politics, it seems, decide which are the worthier victims and which of the perpetrators -- real or imagined -- deserve vilification. Thatís not journalism, thatís propaganda.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw