Paul Stanway | Jan. 31, 1999 | Eugene Harasymiw
"We should push our ties with Ukraine"

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January 31, 1999     Faxed to: 468-0139

Mr. Paul Stanway
Edmonton Sun
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Edmonton, AB
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Dear Mr. Stanway:

Re: "We should push our ties with Ukraine" (January 29, 1999)

By way of background, our organization, formed in 1927, numbers about 1,000 members in this province.

Our office has received a significant number of calls from members since your article appeared last Friday. The feed-back has been very positive as our members urge me to thank you most sincerely for writing this piece. It is journalists like yourself who, unafraid to take up topics that may not be household issues, deserve enormous credit.

As you may be aware, there are powerful forces in Canada who do not share the view that Canada should do much more to cultivate strong economic ties with Ukraine. Perhaps when time allows in your busy schedule, you and I might get together to briefly discuss the topic of opposition to Ukrainian independence and the measures these opponents adopt to reverse the survival of that precarious independence.

It has been a pleasure to communicate with you. I would ask that this letter be considered a "business" communication, not intended for publication. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw, President