National Post | Apr. 16, 1999 | Eugene Harasymiw
"A man-made hell preserved for all to see"

From: Eugene Harasymiw
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: "A man-made hell preserved for all to see" (Apr. 15, 1999)
Date: April 16, 1999 11:25 AM

Full marks to Prof. L. Luciuk for writing and to the Post for carrying this article. Full marks as well to the government of Lithuania for preserving these grim reminders of Stalinist and Hitlerite atrocities, and for their determination to bring to account the perpetrators of such crimes against humanity.

Particularly instructive of the Lithuanian initiative to memorialize these deeds and educate its citizens, and the world, is the added emphasis on the role of Communist collaborators, many of whom remain shielded from justice by the morally repugnant obstinacy of states like Russia and Israel, or by the politically motivated indifference and selectivity of governments like those of the U.S. and Canada. Have we asked ourselves what it is about these Soviet collaborationist crimes that our Canadian government finds perfectly acceptable?

Eugene Harasymiw, President
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