Edmonton Sun | Mar. 31, 2000 | Eugene Harasymiw
Michael Coren chastised

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The Editor
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Dear Sir:

Michael Coren's "We should mark communist evil" (Mar. 30, 2000) is most welcome, coming from a person of his background, and is long overdue. In identifying the various nationalities that Stalin, in Coren's words, "wiped out, raped and slaughtered," it is, however, remarkable he omitted the group that suffered the highest number of casualties by far in the "communist holocaust," as he calls it. So, please pass this on to him: Ukrainians, Mr. Coren, U-K-R-A-I-N-I-A-N-S. That a boy, you can say it. I know you can.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw