Anne McLellan | Dec. 28, 1998 | Eugene Harasymiw
"Hate literature" by Wiesenthal Centre

11024 - 82 Ave.
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 0T2
ph. (780) 431-9855; fax (780) 457-5170

December 28, 1998     Faxed to: (403) 495-2598

Hon. Anne McLellan
Minister of Justice
Constituency Office
12304 - 107 Ave.
Edmonton, AB T5M 3R2

Dear Mde. Minister:

In view of the recent announcement made by you concerning the innocence of the Ukrainian Galician Division members in regards to alleged war crimes, consider this letter as an official request. Our request is that your department immediately commence an investigation of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre under the "hate literature" sections of the Criminal Code.

Enclosed for your review is a sample of this organization's hate literature, which has been distributed to members of the public.

You should recall that this matter was brought to your attention during our meeting in Edmonton on November 13, 1997, over one year ago! As citizens of Canada, we expect a much quicker pace in bringing proponents of hate to justice.

Yours truly,

Eugene Harasymiw


Michael Zaleschuk, National Pres. of USRL of Canada
Preston Manning, Leader of the Opposition - fax: (613) 947-0310