Eric Margolis | Apr. 10, 1998 | Eugene Harasymiw
"There's method in Yeltsin's madness" -- April 5, 1998 article in Toronto Sun

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Subject: "There's method in Yeltsin's madness" -- April 5, 1998 article in Toronto Sun

Dear Mr. Margolis:

I have been reading every article written by you since you first began contributing to the Sun chain. I cannot say there was one article that I did not gain a considerable measure of knowledge from. Your insights into world political events and your historical analyses were and continue to be top notch.

In reading the above noted article, I can say that I have not in my reading of newspapers over the past 30 years ever read a more powerful and revealing piece of literature! You are to be congratulated most heartily and most sincerely for your principled, daring and gutsy revelations. In my view, it takes courage and integrity to put one's name to an article that goes against current wisdom/fashion/political correctness.

On behalf of all peoples who have suffered needlessly, bitterly and quietly at the hands of Soviet criminals, allow me to convey my most humble gratitude.

May the God you believe in bless you and grant you many years of good health and good fortune.

Eugene Harasymiw, B.A.(Hon.), LL.B.

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Thank you very much. Your words keep my pen sharp!
Best wishes
eric margolis

Toronto Sun | 05Apr1998 | Eric Margolis

There's method in Yeltsin's madness

What's going on in Moscow? Last week, Boris Yeltsin abruptly fired his entire government, including heir apparent, Viktor Chernomyrdin. In his place, Yeltsin appointed Sergei Kiriyenko, an almost unknown 35-year old technocrat, as prime minister.

Yeltsin then quickly restored some of the key players he had fired, including Russia's able foreign minister, Yevgeny Primakov. Yeltsin also named hardliner Sergei Stepashin interior minister to replace another hawk, Gen. Anatoli Kulikov. Former cabinet ministers Boris Nemtsov and Anatoli Chubias were dumped in the reshuffle.

Yeltsin then announced he would not run for another presidential term in 2000.

Russians and outsiders were shocked and bewildered by Yeltsin's political thunderclap. My most reliable Moscow sources were utterly confused.
WasYeltsin cutting down rivals as part of a secret plan to run again?
Was kingmaker Boris Berezhovsky, Russia's greatest industrial baron, mounting a byzantine intrigue?
Would Yeltsin become regent of a restored Romanov dynasty?
Was Yeltsin simply out of control?
An enigma, wrapped up in a mystery, as Winston Churchill observed of Russia.

Spasms of violent, irrational behavior, and bloody purges, are Russian traditions. Ivan the Terrible had his dreaded secret police -- the opritchniki -- cut off the heads of plotting boyars (nobles). Peter the Great tortured his boyars. When the party bureaucracy frustrated Josef Stalin's commands, he had two million communist cadres shot. Response, thereafter, was eager and rapid.

Few noticed a very important event amid Moscow's political uproar. After finishing his Kremlin spring cleaning, Yeltsin ordered secret documents about Stalin be handed over to a presidential commission investigating victims of Soviet terror. While some Soviet-era archives have been opened to scholars, many key documents remain sealed as state secrets.

No adequate investigation

It's high time for "new" Russia to face up to Stalin's crimes. Germany fully confessed to Adolf Hitler's crimes against humanity. Japan grudgingly concedes "regret" for some wartime crimes. But the greatest crimes of all -- Stalin's wave of Red Terror -- have never been adequately investigated or denounced by Russia. President Yeltsin is doing his people, and the world, a favor by shining light into Russia's darkest night of horror and shame.

We have been thoroughly conditioned by wartime propaganda and subsequent relentless rehashing on TV of Nazi themes (including, even, space Nazis!) to believe Hitler and his Nazis were the century's worst criminals. This is one of the biggest lies of our time.

Hitler killed about 12 million people, half of them Jews.

According to the lowest estimates by reputable Russian historians, Stalin was directly responsible for murdering 20 million of his own people, including eight million Ukrainians in the 1930s.

Other Russian and foreign scholars, like the noted Robert Conquest, assert the true numbers of Stalin's victims was 30 million, or even 40 million! These figures do not include Russia's 18 million war dead. Opening secret Soviet archives will, I believe, point to the 30 million figure.

The full story of the Ukrainian Holocaust and the NKVD's savagery in the Baltic states is murky, even today. Stalin's exile of entire Muslim peoples, such as Chechen, Ingush, Cherkass, Dhagestanis, and Tatars, remains almost unknown. Three million Muslims may have died in Stalin's Arctic camps where extreme cold proved an even cheaper and more efficient killer than poison gas.

While Hitler's worst crimes occurred from 1942 onward, and were masked by world war, Stalin's mass murder of eight million Ukrainians happened in the 1930s, before the world's direct gaze.

Hitler did not start World War II alone: he began it jointly with ally Stalin, when Germany and the USSR invaded and carved up Poland -- after Russia invaded Finland.

Dangerous tyranny

As we watch Jewish groups lambaste Switzerland for aiding Nazi Germany, we should ask: what about the U.S. and Britain allying themselves with Stalin's USSR, a far bloodier, more dangerous tyranny than Nazi Germany? Wartime president Franklin Roosevelt shamefully called Stalin, who had recently murdered tens of millions, "our Uncle Joe". President Bill Clinton should have added the U.S. alliance with Stalin to his orgy of historical contrition during his African trip.

Hitler was inflated as a villain, and Stalin downplayed, by the victorious Americans and British, who, of course, did not want to be seen cynically using a greater monster to defeat a lesser one -- or "liberating" Europe from the Nazis by handing half of it to communism.

The Stalinists and fellow travellers who infested Hollywood from 1930-1950, hid Stalin's crimes while trumpeting Hitler's. Their liberal heirs today continue this love affair with the left; as well as a policy of ensuring the terrible suffering of Hitler's victims is not diluted by revelations of the equally terrible sufferings of other peoples.

Russia has hidden the the full story of Stalin's crimes out of national shame and amnesia induced by national agony. European and American socialists/leftists don't want to be reminded their roots are entwined with Stalin's and Lenin's tyranny.

This conspiracy of silence must end. Congratulations to Boris the Basher for opening Soviet archives. Crafty Yeltsin knows the facts will badly damage Russia's Communist party.

The Left wants to keep hiding the truth that Stalin was history's single greatest murderer. And that Communist regimes killed more people -- close to 100 million -- this century, than all its wars combined.