Edmonton Sun | Dec. 13, 1998 | Eugene Harasymiw
Kudos to Eric Margolis

From: Eugene Harasymiw[SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent: December 13, 1998 9:29 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Eric Margolis - Dec. 13, 1998 article

Dear Editor of Edmonton Sun:

Eric Margolis ("Unknown Holocaust slaughtered Ukrainians" - Dec. 13, 1998) has produced the most penetrating revelation and analysis of the truly unknown "holocaust" of this century. For this, he and the Sun are to be roundly congratulated. Thank God the Torstar people didn't end up buying out the Sun chain, for if they had, Margolis' article would never have seen the light of day -- not with Torstar's trendy-lefty, please-the-power-lobby philosophy.

Newsperson of the year, you ask? Eric Margolis, by a mile.

Eugene Harasymiw
Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League