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HOLODOMOR of 1932-1933

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Youtube videos by Yurij Luhovy: "Genocide Revealed" 2011 [06:46 trailer] and "Harvest of Despair" 1984 [55:02]
 "Ukraine Famine Genocide Holodomor" [28:22] by Taras Hukalo 1983 English, French [28:29], Ukrainian [28:32] (Yaroslav Harchun narrator)

Why Stalin Starved Ukraine New Republic, 21Nov2017; David Patrikarakos

Stalinist Crimes in Ukraine That Resonate Today New York Times, 18Oct2017; Adam Hochschild
How Stalin Hid Ukraine's Famine From the World The Atlantic, 13Oct2017; Anne Applebaum
Why the Holodomor is genocide under UN convention Euromaidan Press, 04Oct2017; James Oliver

Ukrainian Genocide 1932-1933 ISBN 978-966-2911-87-9, 27Sep2017; Volodymyr Serhiychuk

Holodomor Remembrance Day: Why the Past Matters for the Future Atlantic Council, 21Nov2016; Victor Rud

The Holodomor: Why the West must push back against Putin’s version of history  Globe and Mail, 24Nov2015; Taras Kuzio

Russia Denies Stalin’s Killer Famine  Daily Beast, 31Oct2015; Cathy Young

CMHR not an "ideas museum", but a mausoleum  Ukrainian News, 11Dec2014; Lubomyr Luciuk

Photos: Holodomor commemoration  Edmonton Journal, 22Nov2014; John Lucas
Why Stalin Feared Ukraine and Why Putin Fears It Today  Holodomor Research Education Consortium, 09Oct2014; Anne Applebaum
Inside and out at the human rights museum  Open Democracy, 10Oct2014; David Petrasek

Inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the labyrinth of conscience  Globe and Mail, 19Sep2014; James Adams
Recalling Canada’s First National Internment Operations, 1914 to 1920  UCCLA, 15Sep2014; to CMHR

Why does the CMHR need $2 million by May 30?   Blogspot, 24May2014; blackrod
A Canadian Genocide?  UC Observer, 03Mar2014; Larry Krotz
Exclusive: Human rights museum exhibits revealed  Global Edmonton, 20Feb2014; Lara Schroeder and Lauren McNabb

CMHR finances are dimmer than ever despite Toronto puffery  Blogspot, 05Jan2014; blackrod
In Winnipeg, an ambitious museum for an evolving city  Globe and Mail, 04Jan2014; Roy MacGregor
Grappling With Holodomor  The Atlantic, 03Jan2014; Ta-Nehisi Coates

Fundraisers cry Mayday for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights  Blogspot, 18Nov2013; blackrod
Another Word for "Holocaust"  Taki's Magazine, 11Nov2013; Jim Goad
Ukrainians mark 1930s wave of Soviet-era famines  North Jersey Record, 09Nov2013; Christopher Maag
The Holodomor and Oligarchs  Politics in Ukraine, 20Oct2013; Taras Kuzio

Contextualizing the Holodomor Conference, Toronto, 27/28Sep2013  CIUS, 15Oct2013; Mykola Soroka
The Holodomor Symphony  World Affairs, 08Oct2013; Alexander Motyl
UN fact-finder arrives in Canada to survey concerns of Aboriginal Peoples  CTV News, 06Oct2013; Steve Rennie

Canada’s human rights museum was meant as a unifying force, but, so far, has only inspired criticism  National Post, 27Sep2013; Graeme Hamilton
Human rights on the menu  National Post, 19Sep2013; Jonathan Kay
Film maker from Canada, who makes films about Ukraine  Hrim.ua, 16Sep2013; Tetyana Pavlichenko [Ukr]
The CMHR stirs up hatred and divisiveness  Blogspot, 08Aug2013; blackrod

The Holodomor Reader  Bohdan Klid and Alexander J. Motyl (2012)
Yanukovych orders to pay tribute to Holodomor victims at state level Ukrinform, 19Aug2013; Viktor Yanukovych
Genocide designation challenged at human rights museum  Canadian Jewish News, 16Aug2013; Myron Love
Leading experts to gather for HREC’s Holodomor conference in Toronto, 27/28Sep2013 CIUS, 27Sep2013; Mykola Soroka

Manitoba chiefs say donation gives them a say on 'genocide'  Winnipeg Free Press, 06Aug2013; Alexandra Paul
Canadian Museum refuses to label aboriginal suffering genocide  Press TV, 04Aug2013; Joshua Blakeney
Museum's burden is hefty  Winnipeg Free Press, 30Jul2013; Staff Writer
CMHR flap shows perils of being linked to Ottawa  Winnipeg Free Press, 29Jul2013; Dan Lett
CMHR rejects 'genocide' for native policies  Winnipeg Free Press, 26Jul2013; Mary Agnes Welch; [2] Stuart Murray; [3] Pamela Palmeter

Human Rights Museum hire accused of being B.C. liar  Blogspot, 02Jul2013; blackrod
Holodomor Research and Education Consortium holds panel on Holodomor at Canadian Slavists’ Conference  CAS, 25Jun2013; Mykola Soroka
Welsh journalist hailed one of greatest 'eyewitnesses of truth' for exposing '30s Soviet famine  Wales Online, 20Jun2013; Martin Shipton
Holodomor education conference held in Toronto  CIUS, 20Jun2013; Marta Baziuk

Human rights museum in the wrong, say Ukrainians  Catholic Register, 25May2013; Ruane Remy
Grod calls upon community to shout over CMHR  Ukrainian News, 25Apr2013; Marco Levytsky
Holodomor cannot remain minimized  Ukrainian News, 25Apr2013; Marco Levytsky (editorial)

Fiery Winnipeg town hall asks UCC to step up efforts on rights museum   Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 23Apr2013; Paul Grod
Rights museum awe-inspiring icon that will make our city world-class  Winnipeg Free Press, 19Apr2013; Doug Speirs [W.Z.]
Another of Gail Asper's Human Rights Museum lies exposed  Blogspot, 14Apr2013; blackrod
10th anniversary of Asper commitment  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 11Apr2013; Paul Grod
Denigrating the memory  Winnipeg Free Press, 11Apr2013; Letters to Editor
Discontent remains on CMHR, Holodomor  Winnipeg Free Press, 09Apr2013; Kevin Rollason
UCC concerned over content of CMHR  Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 05Apr2013; Paul Grod

Genocide exhibit too close to bathroom: Ukrainians  Winnipeg Sun, 29Mar2013; Tessa Vanderhart
Shoah education still key for human rights museum Canadian Jewish News, 28Mar2013; Myron Love [W.Z.]
Genocide Revealed (26 min and 52 min, Eng.): Educational version  Yurij Luhovy, 24Mar2013; Will Zuzak
Plans for human rights museum galleries revealed  Winnipeg Sun, 04Mar2013; Joyanne Pursaga  [W.Z.]
Teachers' union willing to pay to name class  Winnipeg Free Press, 06Feb2013; Nick Martin

Educational release of "Genocide Revealed" completed  Ukrainian News, 17Jan2013; Yurij Luhovy
New light shines on city  Winnipeg Free Press, 09Jan2013; Don Marks
Idle No More protest draws crowd to Canadian Museum for Human Rights  CTV News, 08Jan2013; staff
New year brings new departures at CMHR  Winnipeg Free Press, 03Jan2013; Mia Rabson

Youtube videos by Yurij Luhovy: "Genocide Revealed" 2011 [06:46 trailer] and "Harvest of Despair" 1984 [55:02]
 "Ukraine Famine Genocide Holodomor" [28:22] by Taras Hukalo 1983 English, French [28:29], Ukrainian [28:32] (Yaroslav Harchun narrator)

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