Ukrainian News | 17Jan2013 | Yurij Luhovy

Educational release of "Genocide Revealed" completed

(MML Inc.) -- The Educational Release of the award-winning documentary Genocide Revealed, produced by film maker Yurij Luhovy has been complerted and is now available. This is the first such documentary film on the Holodomor made specifically for use as a teaching resource. It also coincides with the marking of this year's 80th anniversary (1933-2013) of the Famine-Genocide (Holodomor) in Soviet Ukraine.

The Educational Release includes selectable 26 min and 52 min lengths on one DVD for educators in schools and universities in their teaching about the Famine-Genocide and other 20th century genocides. Depending on the length of the instructor's class time, the appropriate length can be chosen to fit in with their schedule. The Educational Release will contribute to a better understanding of the Famine-Genocide and thus encourage students to further study the many aspects of one of the greatest human tragedies of the 20th century.

"I am delighted the Educational Release of Genocide Revealed has now been completed and ready for use in high school and university curricula", stated Luhovy.

The documentary is based on eyewitness and survivors' accounts, commentaries by historians, declassified formerly-secret Soviet archival documents, and rare historical footage in exposing the Kremlin policy of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. The film focuses on the 1932-33 man-made famine engineered by Stalin's regime , and places the genocide in a broader context, as one of the major efforts to stop all opposition to Soviet rule and bring Ukraine under total Soviet control.

The original 75 min Genocide Revealed won 12 international awards, including Best Historical Film, Best Documentary and Best Direction. It is narrated by actor Graham Greene with voice-overs by Jill Hennessy and Lubomir Mykytiuk.

The Educational Release of Genocide Revealed may be purchased on the website , by phoning (514) 481 5871 , or by writing to MML INc., 2330 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal, Quebec H4A 2G8.