Will Zuzak; README96.H25; 1996-08-25, 1999-05-24
     The Demjanjuk files are now archived (temporarily?) at
	  The author places no restrictions on their use and dissemination in
combatting disinformation concerning John Demjanjuk, the Office of Special
Investigations in the U.S. and the denaturalization and deportation issue in
Canada, provided the source is appropriately acknowledged.

- In 1975, KGB allegations implied that John Demjanjuk had been trained
as a guard in Trawniki and had served at the Sobibor camp during WW2.
- In 1976, Israeli witnesses identified Mr. Demjanjuk as being a 
particularly brutal guard "Ivan" at the Treblinka camp.
- In 1981 (Cleveland, Judge Battisti), Mr. Demjanjuk was denaturalized.
- In 1986, Mr. Demjanjuk was extradited to Israel.
- In 1988, Mr Demjanjuk was convicted and sentenced to death.
- In 1993, the Supreme Court of Israel overturned the verdict.
- On 22 SEP 1993, Mr. Demjanjuk returned home to Cleveland, Ohio.

	The initial core of the Demjanjuk files dates to my postings
(see ZUZAK001.SUM) to the now-defunct UKRAINE mailing list between 14
SEP and  22 OCT 1993.

	As explained in DEMANUK.001, the original purpose of these
postings was to orchestrate a publicity campaign in North America to
encourage the government of Israel to release John Demjanjuk who had
been exonerated by Israeli Supreme Court on 29 JUL 1993. Despite the
exoneration, he was still being held in prison and was finally deported
home to Cleveland, Ohio on 22 SEP 1993 (coincident with posting of

	Thereafter, the focus shifted to having the denaturalization and 
extradition rulings by Judge Frank Battisti overturned and to exposing
the criminal actions of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) of
the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in withholding exculpatory evidence
during their prosecution of Mr. Demjanjuk. In this regard, I continued
posting relevant material culminating with the long Critique of
Wiseman's Report (DEMANUK.011) highlighting the criminality within the

	On 17 NOV 1993 (DEMANUK.012) the Sixth Circuit Court ruled that
the OSI had perpetrated "fraud on the court" concerning the Demjanjuk
case and the Supreme Court of the United States upheld this ruling on 3
OCT 1994 (see DEMANUK.016). As of this writing, Mr. Demjanjuk's
citizenship still has not been re-instated  and the criminals within the
OSI still have not been brought to justice.

	In the fall of 1995, more controversy arose as a result of
Lyndon Larouche using the Demjanjuk case as a prime example of DOJ
corruption, Yoram Sheftel's book on the case, and the Schiller Institute
hearings on DOJ corruption (DEMANUK.018, 019, 020, 021, 022).

	Early in 1996, the candidacy of Patrick Buchanan (who had
defended Mr. Demjanjuk in the past) for the Republican Presidential
nomination triggered a spate of disinformation and hate mongering
against Mr. Demjanjuk. (See my rebuttals in DEMANUK.026-027).

- In the fall of 1984, Jewish organizations and individuals orchestrated
a propaganda campaign via the mass media that thousands of "Nazi war 
criminals" were residing in Canada.
- In February 1985, the Deschenes Commission was established to examine 
this question.
- In March 1987, the Commission tabled its report.
- In August 1987, the Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-71 legislation 
allowing for the prosecution of alleged war criminals in Canada.
- Since that time, several people have been prosecuted under this 
legislation and have all been exonerated.
- Most recently the Canadian Justice Department has changed strategies
and has adopted the American strategy of denaturalization and
deportation used by the OSI to produce the Demjanjuk fiasco.

	To my mind, the Deschenes Commission and its aftermath is just
an extension of the American OSI experience. It is a deliberate attempt
to subvert the Canadian system of jurisprudence in exactly the same
fashion as occurred in the United States. Sadly, the Canadian news media
has been complicit in this attempt and has simply refused to inform the
Canadian public of the dangers this represents (DEMANUK.009, etc.).

	The nine DESCHENE.001-->.009 (004 and MUNTER01.REP) files consist of
a long critique of the Deschenes Commission Report (DESCHENE.005), my
correspondence with Brian Mulroney (DESCHENE.006) and Justice Deschenes
(DESCHENE.007, DESCHENE.008) in 1987, as well as letters to Kim
Campbell, 17 newspapers and CEC members (DESCHENE.001, DESCHENE.002,
DESCHENE.003) in 1993.

DESCHENE.010 is a critique of Old Wounds by Troper and Weinfeld.

	The DESCROCK files provide a running commentary of articles
appearing in the Montreal Gazette and other newspapers from late 1993 to
the present time concerning the issue of "Nazi war criminals".
[DESCROCK.001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007]

	A spate of articles appeared during the summer of 1996 as
justice minister Allan Rock and his apparatchiks continued to attempt to
subvert Canada's justice system with their "denaturalization and
deportation" strategy. [See DESCROCK.008, 009, 010, 011, 012, 013].

	The eight CRTC files archive my correspondence with the CRTC and 
CBC concerning biased coverage by the Canadian news media concerning the 
John Demjanjuk case and Ukrainian issues.
[CRTC.001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008]

	Further information on the issues will be archived as it becomes

Will Zuzak; README96.H25; 1996-08-25, 1999-05-24