Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.011 = Allan Rock appeals Cullen ruling; 1996-07-10
Dear reader:
	In reading the story appended below, I find it incredible that
our so-called Justice Minister Allan Rock would be so incompetent as to
appeal the judicial ruling of Justice Bud Cullen (and demand that it be
heard "as soon as possible"), while the three main players in the drama
(Justice James Jerome, apparatchik Ted Thompson and Chief Justice Julius
Isaac) are under judicial investigation. (See the DESCROCK.009 and
DESCROCK.010 files at

	By his actions, Mr. Rock is compounding the "serious breach of
judicial independence" perpetrated by his employees and colleagues. He
is bringing the Canadian judicial system into disrepute. Is it any
wonder that Canadians are losing confidence in and respect for the
Department of Justice?

Ottawa to appeal decision halting war-crimes cases
by Stephen Bindman
Southham Newspapers
Ottawa - The federal government will appeal a controversial ruling that
halted the war-crimes cases against three Ontario men because of a
"serious breach of judicial independence".

	Justice Minister Allan Rock announced yesterday he will ask the
Federal Court of Appeal to hear, "as soon as possible", an appeal of
last week's ruling by Mr. Justice Bud Cullen.

	"The government is committed to ensuring that justice is done
and that our country does not become a safe haven for alleged war
criminals", Rock said in a statement.

	Cullen halted federal attempts to strip the three men of their
Canadian citizenship for lying about their war-time activities because
of a "patently wrong" private meeting between a senior government lawyer
and the chief justice of the Federal Court to discuss speeding up the

	The March meeting between Chief Justice Julius Isaac and Ted
Thompson, assistant deputy attorney-general, has also threatened a
fourth war crimes case.

	Justice Department lawyer John Sims said Ottawa will argue
Cullen made several legal errors in deciding to stay the cases against
Johann Dueck, 76, of St. Catherines, Helmut Oberlander, 71, of Waterloo
and Erichs Tobiass, 84, of Toronto.
Gazette, Montreal, Wednesday,July 10, 1996; page A6
Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.011 = Allan Rock appeals Cullen ruling; 1996-07-10