Will Zuzak; DESCHENE.009 = 1993-08-31 letter to Boutros-Ghali; 1993-10-08
Dear Subscribers:
     (Once again, apologies for just recently posting the wrong file)
     The following letter was sent to Boutros-Gali of the United
Nations. Sadly, the news media reported recently that Justice
Deschenes had indeed been elected as one of the jurists for the
War Crimes Tribunal being created by the UN. I do not know if the
material I had sent was, indeed, made available to the members of
the General Assembly:
31 August, 1993  

Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY  10017

Dear sir:

     The New York Times has recently reported that the Security
Council of the United Nations is setting up a tribunal to
prosecute war criminals in the former Yugoslavia. On 21 August,
1993, the Security Council trimmed the list of potential judges
from 41 to 23 of which the General Assembly is to elect 11 to
serve on the tribunal within the next month.

     First of all, it is highly ironic that it is the Security
Council which is orchestrating the establishment of the tribunal.
Each of the permanent member nations of the Security Council is
guilty of massive sales of military weapons to the various
unstable regions of the world including the former Yugoslavia.
Indeed, it is these very nations that are most responsible for
the carnage that is presently occurring in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Their token efforts at mediating the dispute can, at best, be
characterized as sanctioning and supervising the "ethnic
cleansing" policies being practised by the Serbs and Croats, who
are fully supported by the governments of Serbia and Croatia.

     Secondly, it is these very members of the Security Council,
all of whom participated on the "victorious" side of World War II
and performed their ritual sacrifices of the "vanquished" during
the Nurnberg War Trials (and succeeding persecutions of so-called
"Nazi war criminals" to the present day), who have never examined
the crimes in their own bailiwick. To my knowledge, not a single
"Allied" war criminal has ever been prosecuted, although there
was massive evidence in this regard.

     Thirdly, it was reported Canada's nominee for jurist was
Justice Jules Deschenes, who headed the Commission of Inquiry on
War Criminals during 1985-87, which resulted in the most
blatantly discriminatory war crimes legislation imaginable.

     For your information, I am enclosing 5 addenda which I have
written over the years on the Deschenes Commission and war crimes
A.  CRITIQUE of Deschenes Commission Report (31pp);    April 1987
B.  Letter to Mulroney, Turner, Broadbent (4pp);   August 9, 1987
C.  Letter to Justice Minister, R. Hnatyshyn (1p); August 17,1987
D.  Letter to Justice Jules Deschenes (2pp);       August 17,1987
E.  Letter to Justice Jules Deschenes (3pp);    February 17, 1988

     In my opinion, the integrity of Justice Deschenes has been
compromised to such an extent that his inclusion on the proposed
war crimes tribunal would not be appropriate.

     I would ask you to make this information available to the
various member states comprising the United Nations such that
they may be informed before voting on this important matter.

Respectfully yours

William Zuzak, Ph.D.
Will Zuzak; DESCHENE.009 = 1993-08-31 letter to Boutros-Ghali; 1993-10-08