Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.007 = 1992-08-16 letter to IAJLJ; 1993-09-22
Dear Subscribers:
     I expect that John Demjanjuk is now safely home in Cleveland. Thank 
God! The next step is to have his citizenship restored, which may be quite 
difficult, since Attorney General Janet Reno has publicly stated that she 
will attempt to have him deported from the United States.
     When the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reopened the John Demjanjuk 
case on June 6, 1992, after the OSI had failed to respond to repeated 
requests for information, an International Association of Jewish Lawyers
wrote a brief beseeching the Court not to do so for fear of compromising 
the memory of the HOLOCAUST. The following letter written to the signator 
summarizes my feelings on the OSI and the Israeli courts:
16 August, 1992  

Nathan Lewin
Miller, Cassidy, Larroca & Lewin
255 M Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20037

Dear Mr. Lewin:
     It was with the deepest disappointment that I read your
brief dated August 1992 to the United States Court of Appeals for
the Sixth Circuit in the case of John Demjanjuk vs Joseph
Petrovsky et al (No. 85-3435). Your overriding concern appears to
be to exact vengeance in honor of the victims of the Jewish
Holocaust during World War II. I would submit that the Jewish
victims would be appalled to have an innocent man hanged in their
     John Demjanjuk was charged with being a sadistic guard
called Ivan Grozny in Treblinka during 1942-43. Despite the
identification by five eyewitnesses, it is now perfectly clear
that John Demjanjuk was never in Treblinka. The eye witnesses
either deliberately lied or were "conditioned" by illegitimate
photo-identification procedures to make the "appropriate" choice.
This latter explanation is convincingly documented by William A.
Wagenaar in his book "Identifying Ivan: A Case Study in Legal
     The Office of Special Investigations (OSI) of the U.S.
Department of Justice does not possess any of the positive
features you attribute to it. There is ample evidence to support
charges of "miscarriage of justice" and "fraud". Even to accuse
the OSI of "prosecutorial misconduct" and "obstruction of
justice" is too mild. What the OSI has done to John Demjanjuk and
his family is pure unadulterated evil. It is 100% certain that
the OSI had knowledge and/or documents in its possession
indicating that John Demjanjuk was not the guard Ivan Grozny
before the denaturalization trial in 1981. Yet, it conspired to
conceal this evidence during those proceedings, the subsequent
extradition proceedings in 1985 and even the trial in Jerusalem
in 1987.
     Rather than condoning the criminal actions of the OSI, one
would have hoped that the International Association of Jewish
Lawyers and Jurists would be at the forefront in demanding that
perpetrators of this evil be brought to justice. After people
like Allan Ryan Jr., Neil Sher and Norman Moscowitz have spent as
many years in solitary confinement as John Demjanjuk, than
justice will have been served. And should Mr. Demjanjuk die while
still incarcerated in Israel, or as a result thereof, then they
should be charged with murder.
     To state that "the courts of Israel are fully capable and
eminently qualified to evaluate the evidence" is a joke. The
Jerusalem trial of John Demjanjuk during 1987 and early 1988 is
most reminiscent of the Stalinist show trials in the former
Soviet Union. The whole process was orchestrated in an atmosphere
of hysteria and hatred. The judges disallowed key evidence
presented by the defense. Certain relevant questioning of the
witnesses was forbidden. The whole trial was carried out
consistent with the guilt of the defendant.
     The Verdict written by the three judges, Levin, Dorner and
Tal, is a complete distortion of the evidence presented. No
honest person who reads the 17000 pages of testimony would come
to the conclusion of guilty as they did. They even had the
audacity to brag that "their" trial had a more unbelievable
script than any Hollywood movie! When these judges have been
removed from the bench and served several years of solitary
confinement equivalent to that served by John Demjanjuk since
April 18, 1988, then Israel's courts will have earned a
"reputation for fairness".

                   "Justice, justice shalt thou pursue"
Yours truly
William Zuzak
Charitable Committee in Aid of John Demjanjuk's Family

cc:  Demjanjuk/Nishnic
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.007 = 1992-08-16 letter to IAJLJ; 1993-09-22