Will Zuzak; DESCHENE.003 = 1993-01-09 letter to CEC members; 1993-09-30
Dear Subscribers:
     The following letter was sent to several leading members of the 
Canadian ethnocultural communities concerning my earlier letter to Kim 

Mr. Alex Munter, Director
German Canadian Congress
81 Hewitt Way
Kanata, Ontario  K2L 3R2

Dear Sir/Madame:

     Enclosed please find a letter I wrote to former Justice
Minister Kim Campbell dated Jan. 4, 1993 concerning the federal
government's handling of the war crimes issue in Canada.

     I feel that there is great danger that the Canadian system
of jurisprudence will be compromised in the same manner as
occurred in the U.S. with the Office of Special Investigation. It
is now obvious that the OSI engaged in "prosecutorial misconduct"
and "obstruction of justice" to obtain the denaturalization and
extradition of John Demjanjuk to Israel. Documentary evidence
from the John Demjanjuk case indicates that this criminal element
in the OSI provided disinformation and unduly influenced the
Deschenes Commission. Presumably, the OSI continues to subvert
the Canadian War Crimes Unit to the present day.

     As a representative of an ethnic community here in Canada
whose motherland has been under the domination of the Bolshevik
Russian Empire until very recently, I feel that you have a
particular responsibility to ensure that the democratic evolution
of your ancestral homeland is not compromised by "secret
agreements" between the Canadian government and the remnants of
the old Communist nomenklatura attempting to re-establish
Stalinism. In my opinion, you have a duty to demand that the
federal government keep you fully informed of all policies,
initiatives and agreements with your ancestral homeland. You
could do this both as an individual ethnic group and as part of
the Canadian Ethnocultural Council.

Respectfully yours

William W. Zuzak, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Will Zuzak; DESCHENE.003 = 1993-01-09 letter to CEC members; 1993-09-30