Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.022 = Nezowy Testimony; Sept. 1, 1995; 1995-12-04
The following material is from a pamphlet by the Schiller Institute, P.O. Box
20244, Washington, D.C. 20041-0244 (410)247-4200 titled:
Independent Hearings to Investigate Misconduct by the U.S. Department of
Justice, Sheraton Premiere Hotel, Tyson's Corner, Virginia
August 31 - September 1,1995

		Testimony of Mr. William Nezowy

James Mann: Next witness, William Nezowy. Mr. Nezowy is with the American
Ukrainian Political Action Council of the United States.
	Mr. Nezowy: Thank you Mr. Chairman.
	I want to get back to 1979, when I became interested in the Demjanjuk
case, and the OSI. Actually, from the beginning, Henry Kissinger initiated the
OSI, with the Soviet government, claimIng it would help the United States find
Nazi war criminals or collaborators.
	Well, anyone from eastern Europe, be it Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania,
were all "collaborators", because the Nazis took 'em to work. Forced labor. So
everyone was a collaborator, because they were building war machinery.
	The OSI was set up, after hearings in Congress. Elizabeth Holtzmann and
Josh Eilberg, were the key to the Holtzman amendment that was passed on Dec.
19, 1979.
	Mrs. Holtzman actually lied, during the hearings, to all of those who
were in Congress at the time. She said that, once OSI was in effect, everything
would be fully guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. No one would be deported
from this country without hearings, and without the right to confront witnesses
from the Soviet Union. Well, this never happened.
	An early OSI victim was Tscherim Soobzokov, a Circassian, who lived in
Paterson, New Jersey. The New York Times published a story about a Nazi living
in Paterson, New Jersey.  Soon, busloads of Jewish Defense Leaguers were coming
out to break his windows, to protest in front of his home.  They held the
hearings in Newark, N.J., and he was found innocent of any wrongdoings.
	But what happened to Soobzokov, is that they had finished him off with
a pipebomb, first with an explosion of an automobile that blew up and went on
fire.  He heard this noise and he went out to examine.  By the time he opened
the door, he, too, was mortally wounded.  And the claim by the JDL was, that it
was Jewish justice.  But the OSI created the environment.
	We'll take Mikaula Kowalchuk, a Ukrainian from Philadelphia. He was
about 13 or 14 years old, when these crimes were supposed to have taken place
in Ukraine, in the Jewish ghetto.  The Immigration and Naturalization Service
investigated him thoroughly.  And, after a few years, they gave him his
citizenship, they couldn't find anything wrong.
	But 1979:  OSI comes along, Allan Ryan and Neal Sher, who became the
director after Allan Ryan.  They haunted him.  For 17 years, Mikaula Kowalchuk
was hounded; his family was destroyed.  The court found him innocent,
insufficient evidence to take his citizenship away.
	Fyodor Fedorenko, who Mr. Sheftel mentioned earlier, was double-crossed
by Neal Sher, the Director of OSI, because the Demjanjuk family wanted to use
Fedorenko as a witness.  Now, that would have killed the Demjanjuk case, if
Fedorenko would have appeared as a witness.  So Neal Sher, connivingly
convinced Mr. Fedorenko that he should go back to Ukraine, that amnesty was
declared for him, and that he could live with his family, happily, for the rest
of his life.
	Well, Fedorenko went along with Neal Sher, because Neal Sher threatened
to appeal his acquittal in  Florida.  Sher said, "You can save yourself a lot
of money, because we're going to get you in the end."  So Fedorenko accepted. 
He believed Ukraine had declared amnesty for him.  Well, as most of you may
know, Fedorenko was executed by the KGB, in Ukraine.
	Now for several years, the OSI, when they alleged that you were a war
criminal or a collaborator, they used to have these civil hearings.  First of
all, we must remember that they are looking for criminals.  They investigate
you as a criminal. But the Holtzman amendment, does not allow a criminal trial,
you don't have a jury, you have civil proceedings.
	But even that changed, beginning with Arthur Rudolph, whom you all
know; the United States put men on the moon in a Saturn rocket, through the
help of Arthur Rudolph, a German scientist.
	What they did to Arthur Rudolph, and what they're doing today, is to
not have any civil proceedings or hearings.  They want you to sign an
application or an agreement, agreeing to everything that OSI says.  They come
in, and they try to convince you.  That "we're going to get you anyway.  Our
record is perfect.  Nobody gets away from us.  We get everyone that we have
suspicions of."  They told Arthur Rudolph that they had many witnesses against
him, that would certify that he was a Nazi war criminal.
	They also tell you that the citizenship derivative that the family has
will be revoked:  They, too, will be denaturalized and deported, into Germany,
in this case.
	Now Arthur Rudolph thought it over.  An elderly man now.  He decided,
"Well, I will not get Social Security, I will have to pay for my hearings, I
have to obtain an attorney.  I'll sign this agreement."
	Now, this agreement states that you agreed to everything that they have
said.  You also agree not to sue the OSI. You're [assured] that your wife and
children will remain in the United States, you will get your Social Security,
all you have to do, is to sign on the dotted line, and have a date of
departure. And these are the agreements that the OSI uses today.
	So, it's very tragic, that the Congress has permitted, for so many
years, since 1979, such an abuse of power by the Justice Department.
	Mark Richard, the head of the Criminal Division, who is Assistent
Deputy Attorney General, is the most dangerous man that there is.  He had open
hearings conducted by the Office of Responsibility of the Justice Department,
to check into the Demjanjuk case.  And nothing's come up.  We're still waiting
for it, six years later.
	But Mark Richard is always involved.
	Neal Sher ran around the world, to open up foreign branches of OSI. 
Australia started listening, but they gave it up.  They no longer have a
commission to investigate so-called Nazi criminals.  They found out, that this
is all a farce.
	Britain:  the House of Lords refused, even after Neal Sher spent three
days trying to convince the British government to have this kind of a
commission, to call in Nazi war criminals and deport them out of England. 
Three days later, when he left for the United States, Mr. Rudenko, the
procurator-general of the U.S.S.R. at the time, arrived in England, to try to
convince them that this was necessary, and he wanted to immediately deport
12,000 Ukrainians!
	Canada had a few trials, but nobody was deported.  There was
insufficient evidence, to really say any man was guilty of a crime.  Being a
guard, doesn't necessarily mean you went and killed anybody.
	Seventy-nine persons have been denaturalized or  removed from the
United States by the OSI, since 1979.  It's cost the taxpayers multi-millions
of dollars.  But here, no one's concerned about the deficit.
	They can spend multi-millions of dollars, to deport 79 innocent
victims.  These are not "prosecutors," they are persecutors.
	I've talked, in person, to 45 senators and members of Congress.  And I
must say to you:  what many of them told me, was that if they got involved in
this, or sponsored a bill to investigate the OSI, they would no longer be in
office next year, because of AIPAC.
	AIPAC is the American-Israeli Political Action Committee.  They
represent the interests of Israel. They are the ones pushing OSI.  Them, and
the ADL, and the World Jewish Congress. There are a lot of Jewish people that
are embarrassed by what's going on with the Zionist organizations.
	We held independent hearings on the OSI in the historical First U.S.
Bank in Independence Mall, in Philadelphia.  The presiding chairman, a very
important Afro-American, was Samuel L. Evans. Former Attorney General Ramsey
Clark was a key witness.  We had various witnesses, victims, or the victims'
family.  After we edited this 880-page book of the proceedings and included
certain documents as exhibits, we came to Washington.  We made appointments.
All 535 members of Congress received the proceedings.
	And I say to you, that what shocks me, again, is that Congress is numb. 
What has happened to the judicial system? We read the inscription on the United
States Supreme Court:  "equal justice under law."  We can scratch it out, or
fill it in with cement.  There is no equal justice.
	A search for the truth, would include examination of the pattern of
corrupt activity in the Department of Justice, over a long period of time, such
as the vicious persecution of John Demjanjuk, by the Office of Special
Investigations, under Mark Richard; the targetting of African-American elected
officials, the politically motivated targetting of others.  But this is not a
search for truth!
	Let's go to Mr Artukovic.  Mr. Artukovic had cirrhosis of the brain,
and Alzheimer's disease.  When the OSI came to "capture" him, he was in the
kitchen, his nurse was feeding him.  He didn't know if it was daytime or
nighttime.  She was force-feeding him, to have a meal.
	Overhead, they had a government helicopter hovering.  They had
U.S. marshals. They had Army equipment there.  I don't know what for; this was
an unarmed man. They came in armed, with the guns drawn, told the nurse to get
in another room while they grabbed some clothing that belonged to Mr.
Artukovic, tied him onto a stretcher, and off they went, and he wound up in the
Kansas City Prison, which has a hospital.  He was deported to Yugoslavia, where
he died in jail.
	Now, Mr. Linnas, Karl Linnas: He was an Estonian, who, they alleged
and said, was a camp commander in Estonia, of a Nazi concentration camp. Now,
gentlemen: Would the Nazis have picked a foreigner to be a commander of a camp?
We know that's a lie. What happened to Linnas?  They kept him in The Tombs in
New York City, until they put him on a plane and took him to Russia, not even
to Estonia. And there, in the hospital, he was butchered. He died,about 15
minutes after his daughter and Ramsey Clark visited him.
	But, they weren't able to talk to him, because he didn't understand
anything except Estonian.  The people guarding him, they didn't understand
Estonian. His daughter never had a chance to say goodbye.
	And this is what OSI is all about.
	James Mann:  Mr. Nezowy, your dedication to the cause of human rights
is obvious.
	To what extent, is your experience, your research and your meetings,
included in this volume that we've received in evidence?
	Mr. Nezowy:  What you've received, for the record, are the full
proceedings of our hearings on  the OSI.
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.022 = Nezowy Testimony; Sept. 1, 1995; 1995-12-04
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