Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.006 = UCC_HQ media release; 1995-01-31
This is the text of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Headquarters' media

Contacts:  Oleh Romaniw (204) 942-4627
           John Rozdilsky (306) 664-9900

January 31, 1995


The President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) Headquarters, Oleh
Romaniw, voiced serious concerns over the government's intentions to revoke
citizenship and begin deportation proceedings against alleged WWII war
criminals living in Canada.  The Ukrainian Canadian Congress
representatives were briefed by the Department of Justice and Immigration
officials on the Canadian Government's actions last night in Toronto.

"The Ukrainian Canadian community has consistently advocated the position
that all war criminals found in Canada should be brought to trial in
Canadian courts under Canadian criminal law", Oleh Romaniw stated.  "The
Ukrainian Canadian Congress categorically rejects the deportation of any
naturalized Canadian citizen to their country of origin or third countries
on the basis of civil-administrative hearings.  Denaturalization and
deportation proceedings are not a solution to dealing with suspected war
criminals in Canada".

Mr. Romaniw indicated that the Canadian Government's guiding principle in
continuing the investigation and prosecution of possible war crimes should
be dealt with here in Canada and every case must be resolved in a manner
consistent with Canadian standards of law and evidence in accordance with
the overriding principles established by the Canadian Charter of Rights and

If Canada is to seriously contemplate the possibility of bringing war
criminals to trial, Mr. Romaniw also stressed the importance of the
Canadian Government to bring all, not just WWII, war criminals to justice.
Will Zuzak; DESCROCK.006 = UCC_HQ media release; 1995-01-31