Will Zuzak; CRTC.004 = 1993-01-27 reply from Romanica/CBC; 1993-10-18
Dear Subscribers:
     This is the second letter from Ms. Romanica:
January 27, 1993

Dear Mr. Zuzak,

Thank you for your December 4 letter, further to mine of November
13, 1992, regarding media coverage of the John Demjanchuk trial.

Although we appreciate your interest and that of the Charitable
Committee in Aid of John Demjanchuk's family, I trust that you
will also understand that this is one of hundreds of stories that
we report on for the benefit of Canadian audiences. For this
reason, we are not in a position to provide all the information
you request. Dates and details of the reports mentioned in my
previous letter are listed below:

     Item 1: The National; June 9, 1992; duration 1:51
     Item 2: ENS* from Visnews; Feb. 25, 1992; duration 1:12
     Item 3: ENS* from NBC; Dec. 20, 1991; duration 2:43
     Item 4: The National, Dec. 23, 1991; duration 2:12

However, we do not have the resources for more extensive
research, and transcripts are not available. Some private sector
organizations provide such services, for a fee.

Our coverage of the Demjanchuk trial reflected the general
pattern of trials. That is, the prosecution presented its case
and then the defense got its turn. We covered both sides of that

With regard to your accusation of "a deliberate policy of
censorship" regarding the inquiry now under way before a American
court - the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal - I can assure you that
this is not the case. Our senior news officers are well aware
that Judge Thomas Wiseman has been appointed to inquire into John
Demjanchuk's extradition to Israel in 1986. Mr. Demjanchuk's
lawyers are trying to prove that the U.S. Justice Department
improperly withheld information that could have helped Mr.
Demjanchuk's defence. There have been allegations made and
allegations denied before this court.
* ENS (Evening News Service, airs at suppertime)
We are following these proceedings and will report on the
deliberations if and when developments warrant.

Further to your complaint about the manner in which the CBC
reported on Sol Littman's charges that the federal government was
not being zealous enough in pursuing alleged Nazi war criminals,
our coverage in this case was quite straightforward: Mr. Littman
accused the government; we went to the government for its

Over the past three years Ian Hanomansing of our news service has
repeatedly tried to arrange an interview with Mr. Luitjens, but
to no avail. He has, however, spoken to his lawyer. Nevertheless,
The National and other media did report on why Mr. Luitjens was
not charged with crimes here in Canada. The Justice Department's
position was that the fact pattern in the Luitjens case - mainly
the alleged misrepresentation on the immigration application and
the conviction in the Netherlands - made deportation the better
legal strategy. At no time did Mr. Luitjen's lawyer ever raise
this as an issue and, of course, Mr. Luitjens himself chose not
to raise any issue with Ian or with any other member of the

I note that you copied the CBC Ombudsman and I will, for my part,
send him a copy of my reply and of our previous correspondence so
that he can evaluate your request and the responses that were

Yours sincerely,

Rachel Romanica
Corporate Communications
CBC Head Office
P.O. Box 8478
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 3J5

cc:  CRTC
    Wm. Morgan - Ombudsman - Tor.
Will Zuzak; CRTC.004 = 1993-01-27 reply from Romanica/CBC; 1993-10-18