Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.009 = 6 areas news media censors; 1993-09-24
Dear Subscribers:
	About 4 years ago I started cutting out articles in the Montreal 
Gazette associated with the John Demjanjuk case, Ukraine, in particular, 
and the (former) Soviet Union, in general. Over the years, it has become 
apparent that there are certain subjects which the Gazette (and presumably 
other newspapers) refuse to cover. These observations also apply to the two 
major Canadian TV networks, CBC and CTV. I will list some of these in point 
1.	The news media simply refuse to report on the alleged corruption 
within the OSI and the more recent investigation by the Sixth Circuit Court 
of Appeals into their conduct of the Demjanjuk case.

2.	The news media refuse to investigate and report on the connections 
between the OSI and the Deschenes Commission (as well as the Canadian War 
Crimes Unit, set up as a result). Documents trashed by the OSI and 
recovered by the Demjanjuk defense indicate an unholy alliance between the 
OSI and the people who inveigled the Federal Mulroney government to 
establish the Deschenes Commission. There is evidence to suggest that the 
OSI misled and unduly influenced the Deschenes Commission's deliberations 
and investigations.

3.	The news media ignore human rights abuses against Ukrainians in 
Ukraine. The most glaring example is the Stepan Khmara affair starting in 
October 1990(?). Mr. Khmara, a former dissident from the Gulag who had 
been elected to Ukraine's parliament, was involved in an altercation with a 
KGB agent who was harrassing a woman near the parliament buildings. He was 
stripped of his parliamentary immunity by the majority Communist faction, 
arrested and jailed. Despite the fact that Ihor Bardyn, a well known 
Toronto lawyer working via Amnesty International, travelled to Ukraine
and attempted to intervene on Mr. Khmara's behalf, there was (to my 
knowledge) absolutely no coverage of the affair.

4.	The news media refuse to acknowledge that between August 23, 1939 
(the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) and June 22, 1941 (Hitler's 
invasion of the USSR), the Soviet Union was a de facto ally of Germany with 
equal responsibility for the commencement of World War II. They never refer 
to the enslavement of Western Ukraine (as well as Estonia, Latvia, 
Lithuania) by the Communists during this time, which resulted in mass 
graves all over the countryside and to hundreds of thousands of Poles, 
Ukrainians and Jews being deported to Siberia (only a small fraction of 
whom survived to be allowed to go to the West to fight in the Polish Free 
Army). Nor will they acknowledge the massacre of thousands of imprisoned 
Ukrainians by the NKVD as a final gesture of savagery as they fled the 
advancing Germans following the June 22, 1941 invasion.

5.	Nor will the news media acknowledge the re-pacification of the 
Ukrainian countryside by NKVD and SMERSH units in the wake of the advancing 
Red Army toward the end of WWII. [A couple of years ago, the Gazette 
reported on a mass grave in Poland perpetrated by the Bolsheviks just after 
WWII. However, when it turned out that these were presumably Ukrainians 
from the Lemko region of Poland, the Gazette lost interest.]

6.	And finally, the news media never mention the forcible repatriation 
of Cossack, Yugoslav, Ukrainian and other refugees by the Western Allies to 
certain incarceration or death at the hands of the Bolsheviks at the end of 
WWII. Nikolai Tolstoy in his book The Minister and the Massacres accuses 
Harold McMillan and Toby Low of illegally facilitating this repariation. 
During a legal suit in England by Toby Low for defamation of character, 
Tolstoy meticulously documented the repatriation fiasco. To my knowledge, 
the North American news media imposed a complete news blackout, except for 
the final verdict which, unfortunately, went against Count Tolstoy.
Will Zuzak; DEMANUK.009 = 6 areas news media censors; 1993-09-24