Kyiv Post | 23Mar2011 | Christian Kraemer (Reuters)  [Ukrainian version]

German prosecutors want six years in prison for Ukraine-born Demjanjuk

MUNICH, Germany, March 22, 2011 (Reuters) -- German prosecutors demanded a six-year jail term on Tuesday for John Demjanjuk, who they accused of helping kill 27,900 Jews in the Holocaust.

State prosecutor Hans-Joachim Lutz told a court in Munich in at the end of a 16-month trial that Demjanjuk, 90, was part of the Nazi machinery and an accomplice to murdering Jews. Prosecutors could have sought a jail term of up to 15 years.

Prosecutors accuse Demjanjuk, who was top of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's list of most wanted war criminals, of assisting in killings at the Sobibor death camp, where they say 250,000 Jews were killed. He denies having worked there.

The trial has been delayed periodically as Demjanjuk has refused at times to attend sessions on grounds of ill-health even though he was declared fit by doctors. His family says he is too frail for trial, which he began in November 2009 in a wheelchair and has attended lying down.

Demjanjuk was born in Ukraine and fought in the Red Army before the Nazis captured him and recruited him as a camp guard during World War Two. He emigrated to the United States in 1951 and became a naturalised citizen in 1958.
(Reporting by Christian Kraemer; Writing by Erik Kirschbaum; Editing by Ron Askew)

Selected Comments:

Stop with the cowardice!
Views such as the above make you pee your pants? Then you must be Ukrainian! The World Jewish Congress is not afraid -- check the bottom of
The Ukrainian Weekly has never been as bold as the WJC, and neither has ePoshta. Why? Because they're run by Ukrainians and Ukrainians are pant-peers.

What about the Ukrainian media and public figures: can anyone suggest a rationale as to why they would -- so uniformly; one might even say in a coordinated manner -- why they have refused to pick up the ball on this; whereas durting the "Jerusalem" episode they were in there pitching?

JD is 12 days away from turning 91. His bizarre karma seems to have to experience one kind of hell during the first third of his life and another during the final third of his life -- with a happy interval in Cleveland during the middle third.

The ID card has been proven FRAUD
It strikes me that the JD suffering is largely family-inflicted. His family does not have truth as its primary goal, nor the welfare of Ukraine, but only getting JD out of prison. Following this principle in Jerusalem, the family went along with the allegations of the existence of a Ukrainian Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka, and at the end that it was Ivan Marchenko. Bad for the nation, but it got JD out of jail. Big mistake, though, because JD had served the Holocaust industry, except on the small detail of which Ukrainian had really been the monster of Treblinka. No matter, he was remembered as the guy who, better than anybody else, could be used as the occasion for broadcasting more Holocaust stories, and so on to Munich. Again, JD sits patiently through the recitation of the stories, with not a word of protest. He is the obedient pawn. He doesn't disconcert either the Russians or the Zionists by doubting the ID Card. Doesn't call the witnesses liars. The Zionists get what they want.

And what does JD get in Munich in return for his cooperation? I wonder if the Munich persecutors haven't made him an offer -- be nice and you'll be sentenced to time served. Again, he gets out of jail. Too bad he has nowhere to go, but anything is better than jail.

Can't really blame the family for putting JD's release above all other considerations, but those who have the interests of the Ukrainian people in mind should realize that his family is acting against those interests. His family has been forced into cooperating with, into supporting, the Holocaust industry. The John Demjanjuk family is helping destroy Ukraine.

And ultimately the family choice was bad for JD as well as for Ukraine. Would have been better right after the Jerusalem trial to let the persecutors understand that JD was no longer available to defend the hyperbolization of the Holocaust, that he now preferred to prove that the ID card was forged, and that the prosecution witnesses were lying, and that there was no Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka. And when the Munich trial was threatened, and even more so once it began, he should have shouted from the rooftops every day that any trial that blocks cross-examination of witnesses is a show trial before a kangaroo court. This would have been better for JD and it would have been better for Ukraine.

Sharon Booker
There is a problem with this ID Card.
The height stated on the card has Demjanjuk's height a few inches taller than what he is actually is.. Also, the card has the wrong eye color stated on it.
I would like this expert to explain these items are not a match to the guy on trial.
More likely this ID Card is a forgery. The German military structure could that make that kind of error.

a wave of the hand
Just a wave of the hand, and all those unpleasant questions concerning the ID card's authenticity vanish:

Attorney Arno Laurent says the defense's contention that an SS ID card implicating Demjanjuk is a Soviet fake "is an absurdity."

Seems the questions concerning the ID card were never raised. The Ukrainian press did not bring them up, and so the persecutors felt safe to disregard them.

To sum up, JD did not get a defense. His lawyer's accomplishment was to file a vast number of motions, all of which were denied, and none of which (in a concerted and convincing and newsworthy way) touched on the central issues, the foremost two being (1) that the Trawniki ID card is forged and that (2) if ALL prosecution witnesses at JD's Jerusalem trial lied, then it is reasonable to imagine that some or all prosecution witnesses in Munich may have lied as well, and so should have been subjected to cross-examination, but were not.

A lot less work for JD's lawyer, doing it this way. Didn't have to read through all those complicated discussions of the ID card's authenticity. Hell, who's got the time? And who's got the IQ? And the easy way out for the Ukrainian press. Quite protected from accusations of anti-Semitism. No glamor in defending an old man.

I've been reading a little recently about the Salem Witch Trials, and think now that they were not so bizarre that they could not be repeated in modern times.

This is the exact outcome I would expect from this farcical kangaroo court. The stench from these proceedings is overpowering!

Diaspora moral cowards
"Our" mainstream professionals are straitjacketed in their thinking; their mindset is of a piece with country club cronyism. You get James Temerety seeking to "foster" Ukrainian-Jewish amity and New Pathway gushing over Hasidic Jewish life in Ukraine with weekly profiles. This, while JD endures week 1,560-1-2-3 of his Calvary at the hands of the Holocaust Industry ... They are willfully blinkered. But the Demjanjuk family is not without blame. For they really should have muscled their way onto the agenda of Diaspora life as an object lesson "for us all" after JD's 1993 acquittal in Israel and remained front and centre in the communities' sight, instead of dropping into a kind of disgruntled obscurity.

Roy King Jr
That term "country club cronyism" subsumes a lot.

It's vanity and corruption; it makes of you a bought man. You are part of their inner circle; you will be treated as an equal and will be included in their cocktail parties and Hanukah parties and dinner gabfests and golf tournaments. Your wife will be included. You will receive confidential stock tips. Your opinions will be politely listened to. But like a Pavlovian dog you will learn to carefully anticipate your powerful hosts' desires and comply with them without it ever having to be even asked of you; failing which -- you know full well! -- their eyes will glaze over, the smiles will fade, and the door will slam in your face; but hey, you were so looking forward to the next social shindig!

That is how come Will was not allowed to ask his question about JD at the UCC congress.

And eventually, after having betrayed your own who trusted you, and traded your soul for frivolous favours, the realization maybe dawns that you are not worth more to them than one of the hounds in their kennel; that you are actually seen as such: as only another dumb goy to be used and disposed of at will.

Kyiv Post | 23Mar2011 | staff  [English version]

Дем’янюку загрожують шестирічним ув’язненням

Німецькі обвинувачі вимагають шестирічного терміну позбавлення волі для Джона Дем’янюка, уродженця України, якого звинувачують у сприянні масовим вбивствам євреїв (27, 900) під час Голокосту.

Сьогодні, 23 березня, держаний обвинувач Ганс-Іоахим Лутц заявив суду в Мюнхені, що 90-річний Дем’янюк був частиною нацистської машини та співучасником масових вбивств євреїв.

 Обвинувачі збиралися збільшити термін ув’язнення до 15 років.

За їхніми даними, Дем’янюк був у списку найбільш розшукуваних військових злочинців Центру Симона Візенталя за співучасть у вбивстів євреїв у таборі смерті Собібор, де було замордовано 250, 000 євреїв. Сам Дем’янюк заперечує те, що працював там.

 Судовий процес над Дем’янюком триває вже 16 місяців. Слухання часто переносили, тому що Дем’янюк інколи відмовлявся з’являтися на засідання через слабке здоров’я. При цьому лікарі заявляли про його задовільний стан. Його рідні стверджують, що він занадто слабкий для суду, апелюючи до того, що з початку процесу в листопаді 2009 року він відвідував слухання або в інвалідному кріслі, або лежачи.

Дем’янюк народився в Україні і воював в Червоній Армії до того, як нацисти захопили його в полон та змусили працювати охоронцем таборів під час Другої Світової Війни. Він емігрував до Сполучених Штатів в1951році, а вже в 1958 році прийняв громадянство США.

Дем’янюк нещодавно заявляв, що він готовий оголосити голодний страйк, якщо Мюнхенський державний суд не розгляне інші докази, що можуть виправдати його від звинувачень, що він служив охоронцем в нацистському таборі смерті.