Kyiv Post | 03Feb2010 | Associated Press

Demjanjuk is ill; trial in Germany postponed

MUNICH (AP) — John Demjanjuk's trial in Germany is being postponed for a day after doctors reported that the 89-year-old defendant was experiencing medical problems.

Presiding Judge Ralph Alt said doctors at the prison hospital where Demjanjuk is being held said Wednesday that he was suffering from dangerously low hemoglobin levels and needed treatment.

The retired U.S. autoworker is being tried on accusations he was an accessory to the murders of 27,900 people while allegedly serving as a guard at the Sobibor death camp. Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk rejects the charges and says he was never a guard at any Nazi camp.

Alt said Demjanjuk is expected to be well enough for the trial to resume on Feb. 04, 2010.


oleh, Guest | Today at 18:52

The germans are just trying to murder an innocent old man. No rhyme nor reason to it....just attempting to blame a Ukrainian for WW2 follies. Meanwhile, the jewish crowd is standing and cheering and throwing oil on the fire by fabricating Holocaust stories. This spectacle is so bizarre...but rest assured, it will come back to bite the perpetrators of this hoax in the butt!!
I have just read a thorough analysis done by a researcher in Canada on the Demjanjuk fiasco. All the witnesses against him were a liars.
In the trial transcripts from Nuremburg to the Eichmann trial in Israel....nowhere, not once, was there a name such as Demjanjuk...Ivan Grosny...ever mentioned. This was all a hoax invented by jewish confabulists beginning in the late 1970's.
What a tale being weaved by the jews and their german accomplices.