expatica.com | 12May2011 | AFP

Ukraine welcomes Nazi guard's conviction

Ukraine on Thursday welcomed a German court's conviction of Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk and said it felt ashamed that the World War II criminal was born in the former Soviet republic.

"It is very sad and unfortunate. But it is fair," Ukrainian presidential adviser Ganna German told AFP.

"Ukraine would prefer not to have Nazi criminals born on its territory. This is a great shame," she said.

"As long as the verdict had not been issued and there were still doubts (about his guilt), we were hopeful that this man would be acquitted. But the court has made its decision," said German.

"But as shameful as it might be for us all, it must be implemented and respected."

Demjanjuk, 91, was deported in 2009 from the United States, where he had lived for decades after 1945.

A German court on Thursday found Demjanjuk guilty of helping to murder almost 30,000 Jews and gave him a five-year prison sentence.

The court also decided to free Demjanjuk pending an appeal.

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