Kyiv Post | 22Feb2011 | John Demjanjuk

Statement of Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk in Germany

Editor's Note: The following is a statement released by Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk, who is undergoing trial in Germany, where he is charged with World War Il crimes. See this Associated Press story and this Reuters story for more details.

As a child, Stalin condemned me to die through Holodomor, the forced famine. As a Soviet Ukrainian POW of the Germans, they tried to kill me through starvation and slave labor. The USA and Israel fraudulently accused me of being Ivan the Terrible. As a result, I spent 8.5 years in prison and 5 years in the death cell. Though innocent, on each of those 1,800 days in a death cell, I feared I was going to die due to the reckless fraud and political motives of corrupt prosecutors and judges who were not seeking justice.

Now, nearing the end of my life, Germany, the nation which murdered with merciless cruelty millions of innocent people, attempts to extinguish my dignity, my soul, my spirit, and indeed my life with a political show trial seeking to blame me, a Ukrainian peasant, for the crimes committed by Germans in World War III. They chose me for prosecution -- a foreign POW in the brutal hands of Germany -- rather than any of the truly guilty Germans and Ethnic Germans. Germany’s weapons of torture in this trial include, suppression of exculpatory evidence, falsification of history, introduction of so-called legal principles which never existed in Germany previously, conspiring with fraudulent prosecutors of the USA and Israel, and a reckless refusal of each argument, motion and exculpatory piece of evidence my defense has submitted which should have already resulted in my acquittal and freedom.

Fearing the truth, the German Court and Prosecutors continue to turn a blind eye to justice by refusing the following:
  1. To request from Russia and Ukraine, File 1627, the 1400 page Soviet MGB/KGB investigative file on my case.
  2. To request from Russia and Ukraine, File 15457, the investigative file of Ignat Danilchenko, specifically to include the report of interview conducted with him about me at the request of the US authorities in 1983/1984.
  3. To request a qualified expert to examine the high quality photos available of the signature on the 1393 Trawniki document which has been falsely attributed to me.
  4. To accept as historical fact that the Nazis tortured Ukrainian POWs like me with starvation so that 3.5 million were murdered.
  5. To accept as historical fact, based upon overwhelming evidence from multiple countries and dozens of witnesses that POW Trawnikis were coerced under a real threat of death and were executed for attempting desertion.
  6. To accept as historical fact, based upon the entire record of the US and Israel proceedings, that I have previously been indicted and tried for the crimes now alleged here which resulted in my acquittal and release from Israel.
I have survived the brutality of Stalin and Nazi Germany and the wrongful conviction and death sentence of the Israelis and Americans. I have lived through unimaginable horrors from Stalin and death by starvation, to Nazi Germany and death by starvation and cannibalism as a POW, to Israel and death by hanging. This trial is now nothing more than the execution of these three unjust and horrific death sentences. There remains no other way for me to show the world what a mockery of justice this trial represents. Unless the Court accepts the historical facts, uses it’s authority to obtain the critical defense evidence not yet before the court and shows the world that it fully accepts its duty to seek justice rather than just conduct a political show trial, I will within 2 weeks begin a hunger strike.
John Demjanjuk

The following are comments by his son, John Demjanjuk Jr.:

“If the Germans are interested in justice, they will simply ask the Russians and the US to turn over all the evidence including Soviet Investigative file 1627 on my father and the missing Danilchenko reports. They have the access to evidence and we do not. This case has been fraught with government cover-up and prosecutorial misconduct and fraud over the years. So far, this trial has been just another chapter of the same injustice. Testimonies and official Nazi war records prove Soviet POWs faced starvation by the millions or were coerced to serve or face execution for desertion. It is abhorrent for Germany to now make its former prisoners and victims responsible for the crimes committed by Germans who in many cases were acquitted or never tried by Germany. This is not about justice being better late than never. Rather, it is Germany’s continued utter failure to accept responsibility for destroying the millions of people it captured.”

John Demjanjuk Jr.


Just a bit of deception from the Associated Press--so what else is new? Here is the deceptive statement:

"The watchmen had no access to the second or third zones," Danilchenko said, according to the transcript. "Exclusively, Germans carried out the guard duty" in those areas.

But what Daniltschenko says in that newly-discovered protocol is that Jews were in charge of Zone 3 which is where the gassing took place, and where the bodies were burned.

Here is that entire protocol:

John Demianiuk is a victim of a Nazi-Soviet conspiracy to lay blame for German atrocities during WW II on a simple Ukrainian who was a German war prisoner. This is a sham and a shame on the German people who have thousands of German WW II war criminals still living who were never prosecuted, who were simpley pardoned after WW II. If this Nazi-Soviet collaboration was not a sham then they would be going after not only old German Nazis, but also after Soviet Russian WW II war criminals and perpetrators of Genocide who truly committed war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Ukrainian people and who were never brought to justice but were simply pardoned by the Russian regimes, both communist and now today, by whatever you want to call it, regime.

To the comment below that "Demjanjuk has never come fully clean as to where he was and when and who he was surving [SERVING?]" one would have to agree that after the state of Israel, and its team of prosecutors, and the "survivor" witnesses, and even Demjanjuk's lawyer Yoram Sheftel, all come clean in confessing that they knew all along that there never was any Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka, and that they knew that John Demjanjuk was about to be hanged for crimes not only that HE didn't commit, but crimes that NOBODY ever committed (which we know for certain, because we know for certain that no Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka existed)--then indeed it would be fair to ask Demjanjuk to tidy up discrepancies in his story as well. John Demjanjuk should indeed be asked to come clean, but only after Larry Stewart, head of the Secret Service forensics laboratory comes clean in a confession that he deliberately falsified his report on the Trawniki ID card an attempt to help Israel hang John Demjanjuk. John Demjanjuk should be asked to come clean after about twenty other individuals come clean in confessing that they, like Larry Stewart, falsified, or contributed falsification of, evidence against John Demjanjuk, all in an attempt to get him hanged. John Demjanjuk should be asked to come clean after all the publicists who lied about him in a world-wide disinformation campaign come clean, like Alan Dershowitz and like Irving Cotler, and a dozen prominent others.

If we do not today blame a Jew who escaped death at the hands of the Nazis by claiming to be a Christian, then we should not blame any Ukrainian who escaped death at the hand of the Communists by claiming that he was never in German uniform. And if that hypothetical Ukrainian really had been in German uniform, then he would have been a translator or a chauffeur or a mechanic or a cook or a carpenter or a janitor or a laundry worker, or if he was a guard, then he would have guarded an agricultural estate or a factory or a bridge , and if he had been assigned to a camp, then it must have been only as a perimeter guard, since the inner workings of the camp was conducted by Germans, and all handling of prisoners in camps, especially at the scene of death, was in the hands of Jews.

Ukrainians look forward to the day when everybody involved comes clean. John Demjanjuk, I think, looks forward to that day more than anybody else.

This is about Politics NOT Justice!:
He'll be found GUILTY again just like in Israel and then when the truth comes out he'll be shipped somewhere else (Spain?) for another show trial and then...

If there was ANY REAL evidence EVERYONE knows Israel would love to finish it in Israel but THAT will never happen because they know this is a fraudulent case and has become their $$$$game & a chance to flaunt their power over the puppet governments they control in front of the whole world...especially for the Arabs to see and know who is the real BOSS : the real SS!

No court anywhere is authorized to believe something because the defendant becomes suicidal. It is the obligation of the defense team to convince the court through argument. When the court is biased and will not listen, it is the obligation of the defense team to terminate the trial quickly and go on to appeal where the appellate court can be expected to be impartial. Not all German judges are idiots, just the ones who happen to be railroading John Demjanjuk at the moment.

Dragging out proceedings, as the defense has been doing, is in the interests of the persecutors of John Demjanjuk who want to see him die in captivity and not acquitted on appeal.

Also, John Demjanjuk needs to get a competent lawyer for that appeal.

When Jews felt that Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly-accused, they came to his defense, as is evidenced everywhere one turns, as for example in

In contrast, search for "Demjanjuk" in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, and you get

Your search for keyword(s): "Demjanjuk" was not successful.

John Demjanjuk is today being successfully railroaded in a show trial by a kangaroo court for many reasons, one of which is that the Ukrainian intelligentsia is too gutless to stand up for an innocent man. Every professor of Ukrainian studies in the world has hanging around his neck the placard COWARD, with the exception of those that have placards with other names, like LACKEY, HIRELING, and FLUNKY. Everybody at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies should resign in shame, as should everybody at the Harvard Ukrainian Studies Institute. Everybody who makes donations to institutes such as these should withdraw his support. Ukrainians should realize that no people can survive as a nation who have become habituated to crawling on their knees.

Read the words which make you tremble, you worms who call themselves Ukrainians:

The Ivan the Terrible for whose crimes John Demjanjuk came close to being hanged in Israel is fictional. Therefore all "survivors" who testified that John Demjanjuk was that Ivan the Terrible were lying. Therefore it is possible that all or some of those who testified in Munich may have been lying. Therefore, they should have been subjected to cross-examination. Any trial which does not permit cross-examination of witnesses is a show trial:

The Trawniki Id Card which places John Demjanjuk in Sobibor is a KGB forgery:

Demjanjuk's statements leave much to be :
As someone who knew the Demjanjuk family and the case that has been in courts for the past twenty years -- one had sympathy for the families suffering.

HOWEVER, the bottom line is that Demjanjuk has never come fully clean as to where he was and when and who he was surving. After denying for decades he was part of the police, it turns out last year he finally admitted that he was in the police. [W.Z. This is simply not true.]

The Ukrainian intelligensia has no place defending Demjanjuk. [W.Z. ????]

Jewish "intelligensia" defends Jonathan Pollard even though he is GUILTY and other convicted mafia criminals and gives shelter to Communist war criminals and YOU turn your back on someone who is innocent of the charges against him and who has been persecuted by fraudulent documents and LYING "witnesses"...You are a coward and have no dignity nor shame.

in that vein...:
We don't even defend OURSELVES against what Yanukovych and his henchmen are doing to our nation! We are too passive because we forgot how to fight for our rights,dignity, justice and honor. Why are we just WATCHING our nation being systematically being destroyed?

Sheep and cowards like the "guest" who worries about what we should do when Moisha does his thing.

Guest Mykhayl:
Mr. Demjanjuk was plucked from a Ukrainian American diaspora settlement in Cleveland Ohio. He was living the American Dream amongst the Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York Ukrainian strongholds of the US. Just south in proximity to Canadian Ukrainian fertility.

In wake of the 1988 Millennium of Ukrainian Christendom celebrations of the Ukrainian diaspora was energizing, cohesive and vocal. Their Church faltered so the people empowered themselves. It became evident these self-righteous renegades needed to be shown a lesson. Terrorized with the possibilities of contrived Nazi accusations in order to control submission to the official disinformation of Russian Empirical supremacy. For whatever reason the diaspora fermenting since 1888 held fast drenched in Freedom and self worth which would not be quiet. The media started listening printing their side. International figures reinforced the situation with the nerve of President Ronald Reagan and drive of Pope John Paul II refusing to bow to Soviet arrogance ripping the iron Curtain. When Ukraine said "Freedom" the world was prepared to believed them as diaspora embassies were made available to a Free Ukraine.

Nevertheless Mr. Demjanjuk became the scapegoat certain individuals hounded to rejuvenate financing going into their pockets under the ruse of a righteous Holocaust cause, becoming their industry. Much like the Irish Republican Army's renegades who made a business out of terrorizing Northern Ireland while endearing North American sympathies gleaming funds. The ballads they sung for their cause was in the enemies own tongue.

There may be a lesson here if Ukraine can join the Kozacks and UPA in songs for liberty. Shevchenko, Franko and Stus have been translated now put their rhyme and time to modern rhythm over the internet. Sing like Lennon striking as Shevchenko remembering the Dynamo Death Match or the Cadets at Kruty. Alternate in English verse stimulating affection and alliance in collections from a North American Scythian brood who deserved to be heard. Welcome them with the righteous cause of their fathers against the Soviet raised mafia. Welcome them to come and dance through the highlands, over the steppes and sail on the delta. Sing in holy Slavonic under historical cupolas than prostrate on the Crimea ground as did our early saints.

Tourism can be more lucrative then corruption, bribery or extortions. Listen to Hohol who even said it for the dense in Russian.