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Ukrainians of Munich, Germany, the world:
Show your solidarity with John Demjanjuk by coming to court May 3 – 5, 2011

Dear Friends

Thanks, for all your support and e-mails.

I'm in the worst newspaper in Germany, BILD, but a paper everyone reads, because I quietly sang half a verse of Mnohaya Lita in the hallway during a break when they were wheeeling JD to a Restroom. He smiled, shook my hand and thanked me.

During lunch break I bought a large Lindt chocolate Easter bunny and asked the presiding Judge Mr. Alt at 3pm after the court session when just about everyone had left, if he would pass the Easter present on to Stadelheim prison for JD. (This is the procedure. We passed on all of my dad's Mykola Kostiuk's 5 CD's with Ukrainian Folksongs to him this way. It took more than a month. The CD recorder we had to order and prepay at a designated store and it was then delivered directly to prison for security reasons.) Judge Alt said it was a lot of trouble for him to pass on the bunny and that it would probably not be given to JD anyway. Finally he gave it to one of the medics to pass on.

Because the co-plaintiffs were doing their final remarks we were in another building April 13 - 14, 2011 because Room 101 in the court house Nymphenburger Str. 16 was occupied. The Justice Palace is historic, magnificent and over a hundred years old. We had never been there. The change was made just for the two days when the co-plaintiffs and some of their 9 lawyers were scheduled to say their final remarks. Mr. Bloch a Dutch co-prosecutor representing co-plaintiffs from the Netherlands and Prof. Nestler were also to speak.

 When I arrived by elevator on the 2nd floor on Thurs. April 14, 2011 a man confronted me saying he is the President of the Justice Palace and that he had heard that I sang for JD and that this would be forbidden and against their house rules. He wanted to warn me that if it happens again they would forbid me to enter the building for always. "House Verbot". I shook his hand saying that I had never heard that singing a Birthday song for an old, lonely man could be an offence and forbidden.

Uli later told me that this man had also approached him earlier and asked him if his wife is not coming today. Uli said yes, that I am here but have to go through the security check. He then told Uli the same story I was to be told. Uli said he wants to complain to the President of the Justice Palace and he said that he is the President. Uli said that in that case he is ashamed for the Justice Palace President and for the rules of the Justice Palace. Uli said how can it be forbidden to sing Happy Birthday (Mnohaya Lita) to a 91year old man who has no one to congratulate him?

"Kann den Singen Sünde sein?" Can it be sinful to sing?

Judge Alt announced that the next session will be in Room 266 of Nymphenburger Str. 16 at the Landgericht Muenchen II on May 3 - 5, 2011 from 10-12 and 1-3 pm.

After speaking to Judge Alt about the Chocolate Bunny, I said that Room 266 is much too small and has no microphones, which would eliminate that the spectators could hear anything. I said this meant that the public is not included in the proceedings and that it is not public because no one can hear anything. He answered that they always use that room for public cases. I said yes, but not when there are 150 people present. He answered, there won't be many people.

Uli's final remarks are scheduled for those 3 days. Room 101, our regular court room with microphones was always good, but Room 266 is impossible! Not one single microphone, nothing for the translators.


Vera Busch

P.S. The BILD newspaper article:

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BILD | 14Apr2011 | Oliver Grothmann

Stir in the court after birthday song for Demjanjuk 

Many visitors watch the process in the Palace of Justice yesterday against John Demjanjuk (in wheelchair). 
In room 270, 22 February 1943, the Scholls sentenced to death 
Photo: DPA1 of 14.04.2011 00:26 clock 
Nazi thugs 

Munich -- Many Tears, poignant words and again a scandal: Yesterday the trial of concentration camp sergeant, John Demjanjuk (91) said the victims and survivors of the Nazi terror to justice.

Unimaginable fate that make you speechless: Martin Haas (74) lost in the Sobibor concentration camp in 1943 his mother and two siblings. "My family was brutally murdered in this horrible killing machine. John Demjanjuk: We were hoping that you apologize. You are a racist villain, a coward, a willing executioner of your baseball cap and sunglasses SS can not shield you from their crimes. "

Relatives of victims are affected, and to embrace Martin Haas. Mary Rich Heimer-Leijden van Amstel (70) whose family was gassed cruel, says in a low voice: "I hope that my parents and grandparents looking proudly down at me and know that I did something for them." Crying Some listeners no word is heard in the hall to ...

There is a break in court turbulent transition -- it is a scandal. As concentration camp sergeant, Demjanjuk is in a wheelchair from the toilet, waiting for the wife of his lawyer Ulrich Busch on him. She shakes his hand and sings in the eyes of the survivors of the Holocaust, a birthday song in Ukrainian. Reason: Demjanjuk celebrated on 3 April 2011 in remand his 91st Birthday.

The members of concentration camp victims are shocked by so little compassion. But the woman sings on undeterred, some plaintiffs are fighting back tears.

To cap the bizarre idea of ​​the lawyer's wife gives the concentration camp thugs a chocolate bunny. Today, the process continues. 
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