soc.culture.israel | 07Jan2010 | Friedrich Paul Berg

DEMJANJUK: Scapegoat for Jewish Madness

The ongoing trial of John Demjanjuk in Munich, Germany is another anti-German horror show to appease the victors of World War 2, especially the Jews. Demjanjuk can no longer be accused of operating a genocidal diesel engine in Treblinka but perhaps he can be convicted of something else. Perhaps he operated a genocidal diesel engine in Sobibor. Perhaps he was merely a guard. In any event, the Jews are clearly obsessed with blood lust and must punish Demjanjuk for something, one way or another. In the good old days just after the war, it was so easy for prosecutors to find people like Ada Bimko to lie for them under oath: "Yes, your honor, I actually saw Demjanjuk kick a dozen Jews to death when they refused to wipe his boots fast enough." If nothing else worked, testimony like that was still good enough to hang any Nazi or SS member. What's more, "eyewitnesses" who were eager to lie like Bimko were easy enough to find among the anti-Nazi fanatics in the former camps. That was, after all, precisely why many of them had been put into concentration camps in the first place. But today, the prosecutors cannot simply trot out "eyewitnesses." The possible "eyewitnesses" are all dead. Demjanjuk, ironically, has outlived them all.

The new (and probably last) Demjanjuk trial, this time in Germany (no other country would touch the case), is a farce. Where one might expect some new insights into whatever happened at Sobibor, one gets nothing. From a recent Reuters story about the Demjanjuk trial, one can not even tell whether the deadly mixture of carbon monoxide and (now) carbon dioxide was from a diesel engine, or a gasoline engine, or any kind of engine.

But, why bother with such details? Everyone knows it happened! To have any doubt about the crimes is a horrible sin. To actually express doubt, openly, is punishable with imprisonment---and rightly so according to Elie Wiesel.
It is not any yearning for historical truth or understanding (Vergangenheitsbewältigung) that motivates these German prosecutors and judges. Their purpose is to appease the Jews who monitor everything. The trial is a form of national groveling at the feet of Germany's true masters. For the Jews, the trial is about revenge against a helpless old man who escaped their hangman in the past, a symbolic anti-Semite or scapegoat. It is another media op to vent more hatred and lies. Appeasing Hitler was evil---appeasing Jews is moral and good! We must give those pathological Jews everything they want---forever, and ever. That is the great "moral" lesson being taught here.