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Psychiatric problems among the persecutors?

[R.S. Seems to me the only 'sane' person in this fiasco of a trial is JD....he who has not uttered a word but has laid on a gurney and absorbed this circus.  Everyone else is either fabricating stories or peddling fabricated tales or asking to be believed as they struggle to make a 'case' vs JD.   Were the potential results not so tragic....this 'case' is an example of sheer idiocy and collusion on the part of the prosecution.]

Investigator: Demjanjuk on Nazi death camp papers
Associated Press - March 24, 2010 11:35 AM ET

MUNICH (AP) - A German police investigator says John Demjanjuk's (dehm-YAHN'-yuks) name is on papers detailing the transfer of guards from an SS training camp to the Nazi's Sobibor death camp.

Demjanjuk, a retired Ohio auto worker who was once a Soviet soldier, is accused of agreeing to serve the SS as a guard at Sobibor after his capture. He is standing trial on 27,900 counts of accessory to murder.

He says he was never at Sobibor and is being mistaken for someone else.

Bavarian police inspector Hugo Daumann told the Munich state court Wednesday he has seen a copy of a 1943 list of transfers from the Trawniki training camp to Sobibor with Demjanjuk's name on. The original is in Russian archives.

The defense disputes evidence from Russia, saying it could be faked.


[L.P. The quality of reporting on JD is stunningly inadequate.  Consider, for example, that competent reporting would have told us
(1) What this inspector was doing in Russia
(2) Why he had seen only a copy of the document, and not the original.
(3) Why he did not bring back a copy of the copy, instead of only his memory of the copy.
(4) Why the Russians have not supplied the Munich court with the document.
(5) Why the inspector did not ask the Russians to supply the document.
(6) Whether he, the inspector, intends to leave this piece of evidence in its present unsatisfactory state -- which is that he told the court about his sighting of a copy, and that's it folks.  Better believe it.  No more need be said on the subject.  Let the record show that proof exists, and no need for any closer look. 

This reminds me of the murder of a Jew by truck -- big news for a while, but the fact that investigation failed to substantiate the story is no news at all, and the public is left with the image of JD unable to restrain himself from seizing every opportunity to kill a Jew.  And of course there has been no substantiation, because if there had been, it would have been on the front pages.  And no investigation of the people who originated the story--as for example whether they have psychiatric histories.  But isn't this typica l -- the concealment of psychiatric histories of certain kinds of people, like the crew who testified against JD in Jerusalem.  Or, how many know this about the administrative head of the Manhattan project, Robert Oppenheimer, finding a physics lab course too challenging for his capabilities, attempts a creative way around that difficulty:

Oppenheimer went to Harvard and then on to Cambridge University to pursue a doctorate in physics.  There, Oppenheimer, who struggled with depression his entire life, grew despondent.  His gift was for theoretical physics, and his tutor, a man named Patrick Blackett (who would later win a Nobel Prize in 1948), was forcing him to attend to the minutiae of experimental physics, which he hated.  [[[LP: "hated" means he couldn't understand it, and couldn't pass the exams.]]]  He grew more and more emotionally unstable, and then, in an act so strange that to this day no one has properly made sense of it, Oppenheimer took some chemicals from the laboratory and tried to poison his tutor.  [[[LP:  What's to understand?  Its obvious to every genius that killing one's tutor solves all one's academic problems.  Anyway, the tutor deserved to die.  Imagine, "FORCING" this poor boy to attend to "MINUTIAE"!  The nerve!  Oppenheimer should have complained to the school and gotten him fired, or maybe sued him.  Anyway, if Oppenheimer had paid attention in class, he wouldn't have bungled the poisoning.  How did he get to administer the Manhattan project with this precedent as a bungler?]]]

Blackett, luckily, found out that something was amiss.  The university was informed.  [...]  After protracted negotiations, it was agreed that Robert would be put on probation and have regular sessions with a prominent Harley Street psychiatrist in London.

(Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell, Little Brown, 2008, pp. 97-98.)

[O.S. The JD tragedy/fiasco is one ward of a vast lunatic asylum . . .  ]