Kyiv Post | 26Oct2010 | Associated Press

Ukrainian-born Demjanjuk trial goes ahead despite health issues

MUNICH (AP) -- A court doctor says the trial of John Demjanjuk can go ahead after tests showed that the 90-year-old showed no signs of a heart attack.

Demjanjuk's defense team said his health has been deteriorating and asked whether he had a heart attack this week.

Court doctor Albrecht Stein said Tuesday tests showed no signs of a heart attack.

The trial on Tuesday opened three hours late as Stein traveled to the prison hospital where Demjanjuk is being held to look at the test results and personally examine him.

[W.Z. So what transpired during the trial? Who testified? On what subject?  -- Pathetic reporting!]

The retired Ohio autoworker is charged with 28,060 counts of accessory to murder on allegations he served as a guard at the Nazi's Sobibor death camp. Demjanjuk denies ever having been a guard anywhere.


Observer of  kangaroo proceeding:
It is too bad but the reporter Mr. Jarach does not understand enough German to really understand what has been said.

Dr. Stein did NOT even examine J Demjanjuk! He understands only a few words and arrives at his own conclusion. He is the ONLY one still writing about the proceedings. He is of Jewish decent from Milan, Italy.

The rest of the spectators are all part of the Jewish gang supporting the co-persecutors or the witnesses.

It is an upside down world. Every taxi driver understands the most elementary problems of this case and can distinguish between right and wrong, not the court. Totally, completely biased.

It takes courage to see and stomach this travesty.