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Demjanjuk 2011 Munich Appeal

May 12, 2011 - December 12, 2021

Ulrich Busch correspondence with Lawrence Douglas Ulrich Busch, 22Sep2016; to Lawrence Douglas

Demjanjuk -- sacrificial lamb Dr. Ulrich Busch (2011); Will Zuzak (2014.08.27)
German prosecutors' office to pursue charges against former Auschwitz guards  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 03Sep2013; Associated Press, [2] Rashke

Law break or dam break?  Blogspot | 18Jul2013 | Andrej Busch
Demjanjuk documents: Top Secret  Blogspot | 22Jun2013 | Andrej Busch
The shot backfires  Blogspot | 22May2013 | Andrej Busch
Svoboda leadership met with John Demjanjuk's lawyer, Dr. Ulrich Busch  Svoboda, 30Apr2013; Ulrich Busch
Ulrich Busch protests continued Demjanjuk demonization   Heute Journal Plus, 06Apr2013; Ulrich Busch

Useful Enemies: John Demjanjuk and America's Open-Door Policy for Nazi War Criminals  Amazon.com, 22Jan2013; Richard Rashke [W.Z.]
Historian Angelika Benz criticises Bavarian Justice  Press Release, 21Jan2013; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Avalanche of legal proceedings against Nazi-helpers and Wehrmacht personnel absent  17Jan2012; Ulrich Busch to Kurt Schrimm [German pdf]

Demjanjuk's Family Appeal Decision on Death  Jewish Daily Forward, 05Dec2012; JTA  [W.Z.]
Sensational turn in the investigation of Demjanjuk's death  Press Release, 04Dec2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Submission to Public Prosecutor's Office Traunstein  Court Submission, 04Dec2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Appeal to Attorney General  Attorney General, 28Nov2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Complaint to Public Prosecutor's Office Traunstein  Court Complaint, 28Nov2012; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]

Ivan The Terrible's Death Not Caused by Meds  Jewish Daily Forward, 27Nov2012; JTA  [W.Z.]
Prosecutors: Demjanjuk Died of Natural Causes  ABC News, 27Nov2012; Associated Press  [V.B. comments]
Ukrainian-language translation of "Demjanjuk -- Der Sündenbok"  Demjanjuk Book, 07Nov2012; Vera Busch

Court rejects appeal for Demjanjuk citizenship  Sandusky Register, 14Sep2012; Associated Press
Schrimm reply to Busch letter of 29Aug2012  Ulrich Busch, 07Sep2012; Kurt Schrimm [pdf, German] [English translation]
"Operation Last Chance"  Press Release, 05Sep2012; Dr. Ulrich Busch [German, English translation]

Demjanjuk20120831SixthCircuitDenial.pdf  31Aug2012  Martin/Clay/Hood deny Demjanjuk rehearing request
Demjanjuk's Widow: Restore husband's US citizenship according to German court finding   Press Release, 13Aug2012; Demjanjuk supporters
Demjanjuk20120813SixthCircuit.pdf  13Aug2012 Demjanjuk requests rehearing of 28Jun2012 "moot" decision
Demjanjuk20120813SixthCircuit.pdf  28Jun2012 Martin/Clay/Hood dismiss Demjanjuk appeal as "moot" (See Exhibit A at end)
The Demjanjuk odyssey as viewed in the rear-view mirror   Kyiv Post, 15Jul2012; Andriy Semotiuk

Appeals Court Rejects Demjanjuk's Citizenship Bid   nbc41.com, 29Jun2012; Associated Press
Appellate court rules against John Demjanjuk; citizenship won't be restored   Cleveland Plain Dealer, 28Jun2012; John Caniglia
Demjanjuk attorney files complaint against doctors  Yahoo News, 13Jun2012; David Rising
Complaint against doctors in John Demjanjuk death  Rosenheim Public Prosecutor, 12Jun2012, Dr. Ulrich Busch [German]

Demjanjuk20120601SixthCircuitReply.pdf  01Jun2012  Demjanjuk replies to OSI response
OSI20120515MotionDismiss.pdf  15May2012 OSI submits motion to dismiss appeal
OSI20120515Response.pdf  15May2012 OSI submits response to Demjanjuk appeal
OSI20120511Background19990519.pdf  11May2012 OSI submits background info to Sixth Circuit
John Demjanjuk: The Man More Sinned Against  Inconvenient History, 30Mar2012; Nigel Jackson

Demjanjuk20120412SixthCircuit.pdf  12Apr2012 Dennis Terez submits appeal to Sixth Circuit
My tribute to John Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 11Apr2012; Anthony Schlega  [Comments]
A eulogy for John Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 05Apr2012; Ulrich Busch  [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk reportedly buried secretly in United States  Jewish Journal, 05Apr2012; JTA

What John Demjanjuk's trials told us about ourselves  ePoshta, 28Mar2012; Editorial  [Many links]
In memory of John Demjanjuk  ePoshta, 28Mar2012; Andriy Semotiuk
What John Demjanjuk could have taught us  Kyiv Post, 29Mar2012; Stephen Paskey  [W.Z., comments]
Demjanjuk update: German law leaves him innocent after death  Ukrainian Canadian, 27Mar2012; staff
Demjanjuk's Just Epitaph  Huffington Post, 27Mar2012; Tom Teicholz  [J.S., W.Z.]
Memory of Ivan Demjanjuk honoured in Lviv  zik.ua, 26Mar2012; Zik  [Ukr]
Ivan the Re-Revoked  National Review, 24Mar2012; Mark Steyn  [Comments, links]
George Jonas: The man who wasn’t John Demjanjuk   National Post, 24Mar2012; George Jonas
Convicted Nazi criminal Demjanjuk deemed innocent in Germany over technicality   Haaretz, 23Mar2012; Ofer Aderet
John (Ivan) Demjanjuk. In memoriam   The Day, 23Mar2012; Ihor Slisarenko  [Ukr]
World War II Crimes: The Legal Afterlife of John Demjanjuk   Time U.S., 22Mar2012; Christopher Johnston
Demjanjuk's son sends letter to head of Lviv Council  zik.ua, 19Mar2012; Zik  [Ukr]
Demjanjuk and Justice   Jerusalem Post, 18Mar2012; Michael Dalder [W.Z.]
Could a US Demjanjuk grave become a neo-Nazi shrine?  Kyiv Post, 20Mar2012; Associated Press [W.Z., comments]
Demjanjuk's widow looks to past, future with sadness  Cleveland.com; 20Mar2012; Ken Baka  
A Eulogy for John Demjanjuk  Ukrainian Vancouver, 19Mar2012; Askold Lozynskyj  [Comments, links]
John Demjanjuk accuses Germany  Ukrainian Vancouver, 19Mar2012; Myron Petriw [Ukr]
John Demjanjuk (1920.04.03 - 2012.03.17) DECLARATION
Seven Hills' John Demjanjuk dies in Bavaria at 91  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 17Mar2012; John Caniglia
John Demjanjuk, convicted as a Nazi death camp guard, dies  Globe and Mail, 17Mar2012; David Rising
Former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk dead, police say  Calgary Herald, 17Mar2012; Agence France-Presse

Nazi crimes against Soviet POWs  xoxol.org, 22Jan2012; Lubomyr Prytulak
Demjanjuk seeks funds to sue German paper  New Jersey Herald, 19Jan2012; Associated Press
Demjanjuk seeks funds to sue German paper  Kyiv Post, 19Jan2012; Associated Press  [Comments, 19 photos]
The fictitious Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka  New Yorker, 15Jan2012; Lubomyr Prytulak
Government asks judge to stick with Demjanjuk ruling  Kyiv Post, 13Jan2012; Thomas Sheeran  [W.Z.]
John Demjanjuk asks judge to reconsider citizenship bid  Newsnet 5, 06Jan2012; John Seewer
Polster20120120Order.pdf  20Jan2012 Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk 05Jan2012 reconsideration request
Demjanjuk20120119Reconsideration.pdf  [internal] 19Jan2012 Dennis Terez responds to OSI response
OSI20120112Response239.pdf  12Jan2012 OSI responds to reconsideration request
Demjanjuk20120105Reconsideration.pdf  [internal] 05Jan2012 Dennis Terez submits request for reconsideration to Judge Polster
Polster20111220Denial.pdf  [internal] 20Dec2011 Judge Polster denies Demjanjuk motion of 19Jul2011

Judge rejects Demjanjuk claim that documents withheld  Jewish Telegraph Agency, 21Dec2011; JTA
Ohio judge rejects war criminal's bid for U.S. citizenship  Northwest Ohio, 21Dec2011; Michael Henrich
Nazi death camp guard Demjanjuk's bid for U.S. citizenship rejected by judge  Daily Mail, 21Dec2011; Daily Mail pimp
Judge rules against John Demjanjuk in his quest to return to the United States  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 21Dec2011; John Caniglia

Letter 3 to Allan Ryan Jr.  xoxol.org, 17Nov2011; Lubomyr Prytulak
Letter 2 to Allan Ryan Jr.  xoxol.org, 08Nov2011; Lubomyr Prytulak
Letter to Allan Ryan Jr.  xoxol.org, 05Nov2011; Lubomyr Prytulak
Convicted War Criminal John Demjanjuk Wants to Return to the USA  nesvine.com, 02Nov2011; Robert Blevins [W.Z.]
01Nov2011: Dennis Terez submits "Reply Brief of John Demjanjuk" to Judge Polster
ECF232-0.pdf  [internal] Reply Brief of John Demjanjuk
ECF232-1.pdf  [internal] Exhibit A: Time Line II
ECF232-2.pdf  [internal] 29Jan1993 hearing of Allan Ryan Jr. before Judge Thomas Wiseman
ECF232-3.pdf  [internal] 08Jan1985 FBI communication re Jerome Brentar
ECF232-4.pdf  [internal] 24Apr1986 FBI report re Soviet defamation of Ukrainian Nationalists
OSI20111018Response229.pdf  [internal] 18Oct2011 OSI response to 21Jul2011 Order by Judge Polster
OSI20111018Response229Martin.pdf  [internal] Thomas Martin affidavit obtained by OSI for Judge Polster

AP Interview: Demjanjuk hopeful of return home  GoErie.com | 26Oct2011 | David Rising
Lawyers seek U.S. hearing for Demjanjuk UPI, 19Oct2011; UPI staff
John Demjanjuk legal fight over Nazi identification card rages on
 Cleveland Plain Dealer, 19Oct2011; John Caniglia [Comments]
US: Don't reopen Demjanjuk citizenship case  Kyiv Post, 19Oct2011; Associated Press
Demjanjuk: Post Munich II  ePoshta, 09Oct2011; Andriy Semotiuk  [W.Z.]
Germany: Nazi Probes Reopened  Huffington Post, 05Oct2011; David Rising

Dr. Ulrich Busch's Speech -- Human Rights -- Kyiv Ukrainian World Congress, 20Aug2011, Ulrich Busch

John Demjanjuk: Life after the trial  Deutsche Welle, 21Jul2011; Lesia Yurchenko [Ukr]
Legal briefs due in Ohio motion in Demjanjuk case  wkyc.com, 21Jul2011; Associated Press
John Demjanjuk's lawyers seek his return to the U.S.  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 20Jul2011; John Caniglia
Public defenders file new motion in Demjanjuk case  Washington Examiner, 20Jul2011; John Seewer
Demjanjuk case may come back to the U.S.  wlwt.com, 20Jul2011; Associated Press
Demjanjuk lawyers: Government lied; withheld evidence  wkyc.com, 19Jul2011; Dick Russ
Scheduling Order  [pdf] Northern District of Ohio Court, 21Jul2011; Judge Dan Aaron Polster
Demjanjuk Memo  [pdf] Northern District of Ohio Court, 19Jul2011; Tigar/Terez/Werneke
Index of Exhibits  [pdf] Northern District of Ohio Court, 19Jul2011; Tigar/Terez/Werneke
Demjanjuk Motion  [pdf] Northern District of Ohio Court, 19Jul2011; Tigar/Terez/Werneke
New investigation of Demjanjuk in Germany (updated)  Kyiv Post, 18Jul2011; Associated Press
Ex-Nazi camp guard Demjanjuk faces new probe: report  New Zealand News, 17Jul2011; AFP
Photo of John Demjanjuk and Bishop Irynej Bilyk  Munich, 17Jul2011; Ulrich Busch
Convicted Nazi camp guard Demjanjuk could face further charges  Deutsche Welle, 16Jul2011; David Levitz [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk could face more death camp charges  Kyiv Post, 16Jul2011; Annika Breithardt [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk: He sits smiling in the garden  Rosenheim, 13Jul2011; Silvia Mischi  [German/English]
German prosecutors drop Demjanjuk sentence appeal  Kyiv Post, 08Jul2011; Reuters

For the Record: The Demjanjuk Ruling  World Affairs, 22Jun2011; Michael Zantovsky [W.Z.]
The Demjanjuk Debacle: The Trials of a "Nazi Who Wasn't  Book, 22Jun2011; Myron Kuropas
Demjanjuk: Scapegoat -- Conclusion of Defence  buchhandel.de, 20Jun2011; Ulrich Busch [German]
The Ghost of Bad Feilnbach  Der Spiegel, 17Jun2011; Benjamin Schulz
The Strange Case of John Demjanjuk  Inconvenient History, 10June2011; Richard Widmann
Demjanjuk Sentenced to Five Years in Prison  Smith Report 182 (p3), 10Jun2011; Thomas Kues  [links]
German court denies request to extradite John Demjanjuk to Spain  Cleveland Plain Dealer, 09Jun2011; Associated Press
Case of Mistaken Identity?  Kyiv Post, 02Jun2011; Natalia Feduschak