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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., February 06, 2013

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(1) Holodomor/Genocide: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/holodomor2013/holodomor2013.html
Educational release of "Genocide Revealed" completed  Ukrainian News, 17Jan2013; Yurij Luhovy
New light shines on city  Winnipeg Free Press, 09Jan2013; Don Marks
Idle No More protest draws crowd to Canadian Museum for Human Rights  CTV News, 08Jan2013; staff
New year brings new departures at CMHR  Winnipeg Free Press, 03Jan2013; Mia Rabson

- Because the number of articles in the holodomor directory was becoming exceedingly large, we have created a new holodomor2013 directory within which new articles are being archived. (You can easily toggle between the two directories.)

- Three of the articles are associated with the CMHR.
- The Educational Release of the award-winning documentary Genocide Revealed, produced by film maker Yurij Luhovy has been completed and is now available at http://www.yluhovy.com/ . Ukrainians must make a concerted effort to have this material distributed to schools in all Canadian provinces and incorporated into the curriculum.
- In addition, links to the lecture of Norman Naimark titled "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide" and dated 06Nov2011 have been archived on our VideoLinks page as indicated below.  This lecture (in three segments) was uploaded by UkeTube on 17Jan2013 along with 1152 other videos on his site.

(2) Ukrainophobia: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html
Pseudo-History from the Cabal  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; Ihor Broda  [W.Z.]
Untruth in "Ukrainian Truth"  Zakordonna Gazeta, 27Dec2012; Askold Lozynsky  [Ukr]
Moses Fishbein: The Jewish card in Russian special operations against Ukraine  Polit Ua, 25Jun2009; Moses Fishbein [Ukr/Eng]

- Back in 2009, Moses Fishbein reported how the Russian FSB is actively engaged in preventing Ukraine from integrating into Europe, hindering its democratic development and fostering enmity between Jews and Ukrainians.
- Askold Lozynsky takes Ukrainska Pravda to task for providing a forum for John-Paul Himka to propagate his Ukrainophobic articles.
- Ihor Broda criticizes the presentation of Marco Carynnyk at the 06Dec2013 Bociurkiw Memorial Lecture at the University of Alberta. He mocks Mr. Himka for his flattering introduction of Mr. Carynnyk. I have added a personal comment of my experiences with Mssrs. Himka and Carynnyk.

(3) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2011/2011.html
Historian Angelika Benz criticises Bavarian Justice  Press Release, 21Jan2013; Ulrich Busch  [German/English translation]
Avalanche of legal proceedings against Nazi-helpers and Wehrmacht personnel absent  17Jan2012; Ulrich Busch to Kurt Schrimm [German pdf]

- Ulrich Busch continues pointing out the hypocrisy of the German prosecution and quotes sharp criticism of Bavarian justice by Angelika Benz. (The English translation is not good. but better than nothing.)
- We have also provided links to two interviews on 30Nov2011 (at the start of Mr. Demjanjuk's Munich trial) with Yoram Sheftel, as well as a link to Schiller Institute hearings in August-September 1995 highlighting the malfeasance of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), which was uploaded by OaklandLYM on 02Aug2012

(4) Religious Affairs:
Ukrainian News thanked for publishing opinion piece  Ukrainian News, 17Jan2013; Veronica and Yurij Serhijczuk
UOCC parishioner wants answers  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; Taras Lishchyna
BRUOC starts campaign to recognize Kyiv Patriarchate  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; BRUOC
Editor blasted for providing a voice for dissident Orthodox faithful  Ukrainian News, 06Dec2012; Rev. Cornell Zubritsky
Orthodox faithful deserve an open dialogue  Ukrainian News, 06Dec2012; Marco Levytsky (editorial)
Christian? No. Orthodox? Apparently so.   Ukrainian News, 25Oct2012; Larissa Bayrachny

- Six articles in the Ukrainian News outline the ongoing controversy within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, which has been simmering for many years, but which exploded into view during the visit of Patriarch Filaret to Canada in April 2012.
- In addition, links to three videos by Wasyl Sydorenko discussing ethnicity, canonicity and overlapping spheres of religious influence in Ukraine have been archived on our VideoLinks page. These were uploaded by UkeTube from 27-29Jan2013.

(5) Video Links:
The Dirty Side Of The Justice Dept.: The Demjanjuk Case  Schiller Institute, 02Aug2012; OaklandLYM  [56:14]
Yoram Sheftel interview part one  Newshoundbiz, 30Nov2009; Yoram Sheftel  [06:02]
Yoram Sheftel interview part two  Newshoundbiz, 30Nov2009; Yoram Sheftel  [06:52]

1/3 "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide"  UkeTube, 17Jan2012; Prof. Norman Naimark  [13:38]
2/3 "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide"  UkeTube, 17Jan2012; Prof. Norman Naimark  [13:19]
3/3 "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide"  UkeTube, 17Jan2012; Prof. Norman Naimark  [12:36]

Religious Spheres and Ukraine  UkeTube, 29Jan2013; Wasyl Sydorenko  [4:10]
Canonicity & the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada  UkeTube, 28Jan2013; Wasyl Sydorenko  [17:05]
Ethnicity, Symbolism and Orthodox Christianity  UkeTube, 27Jan2013; Wasyl Sydorenko  [08:51]

(6) Oksana Bashuk Hepburn:  http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/hepburn/hepburn.html
Ukrainian Best & Worst List 2012  Ukrainian News, 17Jan2013

Respectfully submitted,
Will Zuzak, 2013.02.06