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UkeTube | 17Jan2012 | Prof. Norman Naimark  [13:19]

2/3 "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide"

Uploaded on 17 Jan 2012

Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine, Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies presents: Annual Ukrainian Famine Lecture "The Ukrainian Holodomor: Stalin and Genocide" by Prof. Norman Naimark (Robert and Florence McDonnell Professor in East European Studies, Stanford University) University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 6 November 2011.

- Ukrainian intelligentsia
- Attack on Ukrainian church, priests, hierarchy, execution of Ukrainian priests 0:12
- Assault on Ukrainian villages through an artificial famine - "a famine to order by plan" 0:26
- Diminishing and dispersing the Ukrainian population while bringing in Russians and other nationalities into Ukraine 0:40
- Senator Joseph McCarthy 1:03
- Russophobia; captive nations 1:23
- Catherine the Great persecution of the Crimean Tatars; Tsarist pogroms against Russian Jews; Extermination of national Polish leaders and Ukrainian Catholics by Nicholas I 1:40
- Genocide convention; Sad and isolated death of Raphael Lemkin in New York City in 1950s 2:25
- United States Senate and Congress 2:45
- Genocide was exclusively linked to the Holocaust and the fate of the Jews in World War Two; Ukrainian killer famine; Armenian massacre; comparative genocide studies 2:48
- Mass murder in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Darfur (Somalia) 3:40
- Serb murderers Ratko Mladić (Mladic), Radovan Karadžić (Karadzic) 4:08
- Théoneste Bagosora 4:20
- Ukrainian Community in Canada, Robert Conquest, Harvest of Sorrow; criticism of Robert Conquest 5:30
- Stalin was a cruel an brutal figure who supervised the deaths of millions of people; Stalin was fully responsible; Stalin was a micro-manager 6:45
- Declassified documents, Stalin had signed hundreds of arrest lists 7:35
- Stalin quote: "Who is going to remember all this riff raff in ten or twenty years time, no one." 8:01
- Stalin's behaviour: threatened subordinates with life in the gulag, torture 8:20
- Stalin was missing the frontal lobe of his brain (seat of empathy); no sense of regret 9:29
- Cannibalism, necrophagy 10:00

Audio courtesy of Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine, Centre for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, University of Toronto: http://www.utoronto.ca/jacyk

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