Ukrainian News | 17Jan2013 | Veronica and Yurij Serhijczuk

Ukrainian News thanked for publishing opinion piece

Dear Mr. Levytsky,

Thank you for publishing the opinion piece by Larissa Bayrachny "Christian? No. Orthodox? Apparently so" from October 25 - November 7, 2012. We also thank you for your well-crafted editorial "Orthodox faithful deserve an open dialogue" with regards to Rev. Cornell Zubritsky's response from December 6 - 31, 2012 as to the publishing of Ms. Bayrachny's item.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada's publication the "Herald" has decided not to publish any opinions that are contrary to the official line on this matter. As a result, those concerned about the state of the UOCC, and where it is heading, have turned to other Ukrainian Canadian media outlets to express their opinions. Some in the leadership of the UOCC seem to fail to understand that we live in a democratic society and they have no right to muzzle and ignore concerned parishioners -- and there are quite a few. This wouldn't be an issue today if the church leadership clearly indicated twenty years ago what [was] the true relationship is between the UOCC and and the Ecumenical Patriarch -- today smoke and mirrors, censoring and ignoring us simply isn't acceptable. We the flock, who have always played a key role in the UOCC, deserve clear and honest answers. Are we asking too much? Apparently so.

Best regards,
Veronica and Yurij Serhijczuk