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UkeTube | 28Jan2013 | Wasyl Sydorenko  [17:05]

Canonicity & the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

Published on 28 Jan 2013

Wasyl Sydorenko addresses the issue of canonicity (канон) and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (Українська Православна Церква в Канаді), on behalf of The Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada, Toronto, Canada, 27 January 2013 (Василь Сидоренко, Братство для оновлення українського православ'я в Канаді, Торонто, Канада, 27 січня 2013).

Wasyl Sydorenko is President CUPE 1230, Reference Specialist University of Toronto Libraries, Toronto, Canada.

- What is the book of canons? What are the canons? What is canonical? The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada has by-laws. By-laws expressed through the corporate charter. British Monarch 1:00
- Byzantium and Byzantine Empire (Візантійська імперія), Constantinople (Константинополь), Emperor's laws were holy and sacred 2:25
- Christ was the heavenly ruler the emperor was the earthly ruler 3:24
- A canon is nothing more than just a law. Canon and law are synonyms. Book of canons (1,000 pages) is a collection of earthly laws to govern the lives of Christians, the laity, the clergy, and the church and its administration within the context of the Byzantine empire 3:30
- The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada lives within the framework of Canadian jurisprudence 4:41
- Examples of conflict between these two systems of law 4:50
- Church canons deal with slavery, Christians and non-Christians such as Jews. Misogyny 5:00
- It becomes nonsensical that we are canonical 100% (of the time) 6:34
- Canons exist within the framework of a given country (Canada). The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Константинопольська православна церква) is trying to create a new global, pan-Orthodox, non-ethnic church; The Ecumenical Patriarchate has divided the world into various zones 6:50
- Donations to the church and income tax receipts 7:45
- If one is asking if something is uncanonical, is it uncanonical within the Byzantine (Візантій) system of law or the Canadian system of law? 9:00
- Canada has a multicultural, multi ethnic, and multi religious system 9:52
- Canadian government allows more than one Orthodox church. There is nothing in the canons that should be interpreted as being uncanonical. It was uncanonical in the Byzantine Empire, but it is canonical according to Canadian law. 2010 Sobor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba 10:05
- Metropolitan Yurij (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada) "We don't have exclusive rights in Canada. We cannot be an Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Canada is not our land." Patriarchate of Constantinople; ceding our rights 10:55
- Arguments to spread an agenda that is hostile to the idea of an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada 12:40
- Canons are laws are designed to govern a church within the framework of a country's legal system. We are canonical according to Canadian law 13:05
- We do not need a foreign entity to decide whether we are canonical or not; In communion with other churches 13:57
- Political games of churches and administrative questions 14:15
- Canonicity equals administrative subordination; Ecumenical Patriarch 14:58
- This is a matter of concern for the Canadian government and for all Canadians as well. Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishiops. Ecumenical Patriarch in Turkey 15:32


Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew I
(Константинопольський патріархат Варфоломій I)

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