Ukrainian News | 06Dec2012 | Rev. Cornell Zubritsky

Editor blasted for providing a voice for dissident Orthodox faithful

Re: “Christian? No. Orthodox? Apparently so.” by Larissa Bayrachny (Ukrainian News, October 25 – November 7, 2012, Vol. LXXXV, No. 21, p. 6)

Mr. Levytsky:

   I wish to express my extreme disappointment with your choice to print the above-mentioned opinion piece. Quite frankly, I consider it very insulting to suggest (by the title) that I or my church is somehow “not Christian” because the Church does not march to the decision-making drum of special interests who are determined to weave their own politics into the life of the Body of Christ. It is fascinating how much we as a Ukrainian community continually become engaged with and pay attention to those who speak of unity while, quite ironically, act by working to divide...

   Considering you know the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada has a ruling bishop of its Western Eparchy resident here, in Edmonton (along with three members of its Consistory; two more in Calgary), available for consultation about such matters, I am surprised that you, Mr. Levytsky, made the decision to forego any fact-finding about the issues raised in this opinion piece and opted instead for sensation and controversy. While that may sell newspapers, can you expect me to support Ukrainian News when it seems you are more than willing to use it to insult me and the church I serve?

   This type of polemic is, for me, reminiscent of the religion-based “smear wars” battled out on the pages of Ukrainian-Canadian periodicals of decades past. Thankfully, that destructive and divisive behaviour has long-since disappeared. Alas, there are those who, for whatever reason, are unhappy “де згода в родині, де мир і тишина” in the Church and need to stir the proverbial pot to be happy; now, it seems you, Mr. Levytsky, are willing to sacrifice the integrity of Ukrainian News in support of this attempt at disharmony and to be a platform and voice for “a group of private individuals concerned for the future of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada...” rather than a conveyor of the facts about how the leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada makes its decisions and forms opinions about the various challenges this age presents us.

   Should you choose to continue to promote this divisive behaviour, I’m sure you’ll understand that as a priest of the very church you have played a part in insulting, I cannot continue to endorse Ukrainian News in my community. If however, you wish to report the facts about issues in the UOCC, we are at your disposal...

Priest Cornell Zubritsky, Edmonton, AB