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Religious Affairs

Can anything be done in Ukraine with the so-called “canonical” Moscow Patriarchate?
Euromaidan Press, 12Jan2018; Petro Kralyuk
Russian Soft Power in France Carnegie Council, 08Jan2018; Marlene Laruelle

Next Steps for the Vatican and Russian Orthodoxy National Review, 19Feb2016; George Weigel, [2] UGCC-Shevchuk, [3] UOC-KP-Filaret, [4] Francis-Kirill

Is the Moscow Patriarchate Russia’s agent in Ukraine?  Euromaidan Press, 10Jan2016; Petro Kraliuk

Moscow Patriarch Says Ukrainian Faithful No Longer Obligated to Obey Kyiv  Jamestown Foundation, 02Jun2015; Paul Goble
Russian Orthodox Extremism  ahamot.org, 04Mar2015; V. Ageyev; [2] 09Jan2015; [3] 12Dec2014

 Fr.V. Malchenko reaction to Dr. Bennett presentation  UOCC, 01Jan2015; Rev. Ihor Kutash, Rev. Cornell Zubritsky [34:43]

Evidence Grows of Russian Orthodox Clergy’s Aiding Ukraine Rebels  New York Times, 06Sep2014; Andrew Higgins

Ukrainian Church Faces Obscure Pro-Russia Revolt in Its Own Ranks  New York Times, 21Jun2014; Andrew Higgins
Moscow Patriarch Kirill: Ukraine does not exist in principle  Espreso TV, 18Jun2014; Patriarch Kirill
The fraternal war in Eastern Ukraine was blessed by Russian Patriarch Kirill  TSN, 19May2014; Serhiy Halchenko, [2] English Translation

Appeal of the Churches and Religious Organizations to the Ukrainian people  IPC, 30Sep2013; Religious Leaders in Ukraine; [2] Metropolitan Volodymyr [Ukr]
Ukrainian Branch of Moscow Patriarchate Backs Kyiv’s European Course  Window on Eurasia, 02Oct2013; Paul Goble
Moscow Patriarchate Shifts from Inclusive to Exclusive on Baptism of Rus   Window on Eurasia, 12Aug2013; Paul Goble [W.Z.]

Detrimental to UOCC? Who? Why?  ePoshta, 05May2013; Anatoly ???
Losing my religion for equality…by Jimmy Carter  Women's Press, 25Jan2013; Jimmy Carter

Ukrainian News thanked for publishing opinion piece  Ukrainian News, 17Jan2013; Veronica and Yurij Serhijczuk
UOCC parishioner wants answers  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; Taras Lishchyna
BRUOC starts campaign to recognize Kyiv Patriarchate  Ukrainian News, 01Jan2013; BRUOC
Editor blasted for providing a voice for dissident Orthodox faithful  Ukrainian News, 06Dec2012; Rev. Cornell Zubritsky
Orthodox faithful deserve an open dialogue  Ukrainian News, 06Dec2012; Marco Levytsky (editorial)
Christian? No. Orthodox? Apparently so.   Ukrainian News, 25Oct2012; Larissa Bayrachny

The Secret Meeting  ePoshta, 17Jun2012; Olitwin
The Hidden agenda becomes obvious: the real reason why the UOC-KP will never be welcomed into the EP  ePoshta, 17Jun2012; Editorial (Myroslava Oleksiuk)

Hierarchs of diasporan UOC collaborate with Constantinople against UOC - Kyivan Patriarchate  ePoshta, 27May2012; Editorial (Myroslava Oleksiuk)   [Ukr]
Death of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada   ePoshta, 13May2012; Will Zuzak
Metropolitan Yuri discusses Patriarch Filaret episode with St. Volodymyr parishioners  Kontakt TV, 05May2012; Ihor Klufas [video]

Letter to Metropolitan of UOCC to apologize for disrespect of Patriarch Filaret ePoshta, 28Apr2012; ePoshta
Where are you going, Diasporan Orthodox Church?   ePoshta, 28Apr2012; Editorial (Myroslava Oleksiuk) [Ukr]
Canadian Parliament honours the memory of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky   House of Commons, 26Apr2012; Jason Kenney motion [video]
UCC welcomes motion honouring Metropolitan Sheptytsky by Parliament   Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 24Apr2012; Sheptytsky
A not so holy visit  Ukraine Business, 22Apr2012; William Pawlowsky
Patriarch Filaret blesses monument to UPA fighters, Oakville, ON  youtube, 21Apr2012; Patriarch Filaret  [video]
Aiding and abetting the Moscow Patriarchate  Ukraine Business, 20Apr2012; Bishop Paul Peter Jesep