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UkeTube | 27Jan2013 | Wasyl Sydorenko  [08:51]

Ethnicity, Symbolism and Orthodox Christianity

Published on 28 Jan 2013

Wasyl Sydorenko addresses ethnicity, symbolism and Orthodox Christianity, including Ukrainian symbolism in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, on behalf of The Brotherhood for the Revitalization of Ukrainian Orthodoxy in Canada, Toronto, Canada, 27 January 2013 (Василь Сидоренко, Братство для оновлення українського православ'я в Канаді, Торонто, Канада, 27 січня 2013).

Wasyl Sydorenko is President CUPE 1230, Reference Specialist University of Toronto Libraries, Toronto, Canada.

- Virulent anti Ukrainian comments 0:30
- Russian Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Bulgarian Orthodox Church 1:00
- There is nothing idolatris about defending the historical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its traditions. Ethnicity is not incongruent with Orthodox Christianity 1:20
- The Greeks, unlike any other Orthodox nation, have a special category of saints and martyrs, i.e. ethno-martyrs, ethno martyrs. People who died for Orthodox Christians of Greek descent, Greek heritage. Greeks who died for Greeks 1:58
- Symbolism of Greek Orthodox Church (Ελληνορθόδοξη Εκκλησία), Mount Athos (Όρος Άθως), Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Константинопольська православна церква). Double headed eagle is a secular symbol, it is not a church symbol. It is a heraldic emblem used by late emperors of Byzantium existing several centuries prior to Christianity. Turkey 3:00
- The double headed eagle, a secular symbol, is symbolic of the Ecumenical Patriarch, monks of Mount Athos, and the Greek Orthodox Church 4:00
- This represents a certain ethnic symbol within Orthodox Christianity 4:30
- The symbol of the double headed eagle has been appropriated by the Russian orthodox Church (Русская православная церковь) Picture of The Cathedral of the Holy Vivifying Trinity, Moscow, Russia; Russian Orthodox church icons with a double headed eagle as the most important symbol as the mother of God and Christ. No one says that symbol is idolatrous 4:45
- Ukrainian Orthodox church and the tryzub (Тризуб / Державний Герб України). Attacked for introducing a pagan symbol. St. Volodymyr (Володимир Великий / Володимир Святославич) 5:21
- The tryzub became an extremely important element in the church of Ukraine. Accusation that the tryzub is idolatrous or a symbol of the devil is unfair as the same argument would have to apply against the Greek Orthodox Church and Russian Orthodox church (but are not) 6:19
- Reaction against the symbols of Ukrainian Orthodox church 7:00
- Ukrainian national culture, Ukrainian ethnic culture. Greek ethno martyrs 7:45


Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew I
(Константинопольський патріархат Варфоломій I)
(Константинопольська православна церква)

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