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Zuzak GRC Report; Wed., May 02, 2012

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The Pulitzer Prize and the good name   Day, 24Apr2012; Viktoria Skuba
Canadian Museum for Human Rights: right the wrong  Hill Times, 16Apr2012; Oksana Bashuk Hepburn
The CMHR boondoggle is not my sister's fault, says David Asper  Blogspot, 12Apr2012; blackrod [Matas article]
CMHR critics should back off Gail: Asper   Winnipeg Sun, 11Apr2012; David Asper
Campaign targets human rights museum  Winnipeg Sun, 09Apr2012; Ross Romaniuk

(2)Ukrainophobia: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/ukrainophobia/ukrainophobia.html

Renata Bogdanska: Ukrainian wife of Polish General Anders  YouTube, 13Apr2012; Irena Yarosevych
Activists: Svoboda party rejects ‘core political and economic freedoms’  Kyiv Post, 11Apr2012; Tyahnybok demonizers [W.Z.]

Hate-mongering" and "demonization" has long been a favoured tactic used by Ukraine's enemies to delegitimize the Ukrainian independence movement before 1991 and Ukraine's independence since then. Indeed, demonizing one's victims or opponents -- whether in war (WWI, WWII, Palestine, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq ... Iran), "attack ads" in politics (Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, etc.) and even individuals (John Demjanjuk) -- has been utilized for centuries.

Ukrainians have come to expect this from John-Paul Himka and his nest of Ukrainophobic vipers at the University of Alberta, who signed the infamous advertisement in the 23Apr2011 issue of the National Post attacking the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for demanding equal treatment of the Holodomor in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Thus, his signature is not unexpected.

However, the signature of Taras Kuzio -- whose views I normally respect -- is unexpected. Rather than descending into hate-mongering, I would suggest that Mr. Kuzio arrange a debate (in Ukrainian) with Mr. Tyahnybok to discuss their mutual views of the Ukrainian political scene. Such a televised debate would attract and educate a large audience of viewers -- both in Ukraine and the Diaspora.

Surprisingly, nine of the signatories are from the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy -- a respected educational institution seeking moral and financial help within Ukraine and from the Diaspora to rebuff attacks on its existence and independence by Mr. Tabachnyk and the Party of Regions government. In my opinion, their signatures on this document lowers the prestige of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and certainly their credentials as unbiased educators

(3) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/fc/2011/2011.html

Demjanjuk20120412SixthCircuit.pdf  12Apr2012 Dennis Terez submits appeal to Sixth Circuit
My tribute to John Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 11Apr2012; Anthony Schlega  [Comments]
A eulogy for John Demjanjuk  Kyiv Post, 05Apr2012; Ulrich Busch  [W.Z.]
Demjanjuk reportedly buried secretly in United States  Jewish Journal,05Apr2012; JTA
- Two very nice eulogies for John Demjanjuk

(4) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/Demjanjuk2009/Demjanjuk2009.html
(5) John Demjanjuk: http://www.willzuzak.ca/tp/Demjanjuk2011/Demjanjuk2011.html
- archived the Demjanjuk estate submission dated 12Apr2012 to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal.

(6) XoXoL:http://www.xoxol.org/
- Lubomyr Prytulak updated his files on Demjanjuk up to 12Apr2012.

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Letter to Metropolitan of UOCC to apologize for disrespect of Patriarch Filaret ePoshta, 28Apr2012; ePoshta
Where are you going, Diasopran Orthodox Church?   ePoshta, 28Apr2012; Editorial (Myroslava Oleksiuk) [Ukr]
Canadian Parliament honours the memory of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky   House of Commons, 26Apr2012; Jason Kenney motion [video]
UCC welcomes motion honouring Metropolitan Sheptytsky by Parliament   Ukrainian Canadian Congress, 24Apr2012; Sheptytsky
A not so holy visit  Ukraine Business, 22Apr2012; William Pawlowsky
Patriarch Filaret blesses monument to UPA fighters, Oakville, ON  youtube, 21Apr2012; Patriarch Filaret  [video]
Aiding and abetting the Moscow Patriarchate  Ukraine Business, 20Apr2012; Bishop Paul Peter Jesep

Death of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada

As a child growing up on a farm in central Saskatchewan in the 1940s, my religious perceptions developed via monthly church attendance at the villages of Yellow Creek and Tarnopol. Later, this was reinforced by my older cousin Stefan Zuzak -- a survivor of German prisons, concentration camps and death marches -- who fulfilled his promise to God that, if he were to survive, he would serve Him as a priest. His brother spent many years in the Siberian Gulags following WWII. Still later, as a resident of the Petro Mohyla Institute, I was inspired by the stories of the creation of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada (UGOCC) by the triple S -- Sawchuk, Stechyshyn, Swystun -- later cemented by the inspiring intellect of Metropolitan Ohienko.

The overriding concerns of both the creators and members of the UGOCC were the preservation and nourishment of the Ukrainian soul -- the language and the culture. The perception was that the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church -- with its non-Ukrainian clergy and hierarchy -- was not particularly interested in the Ukrainian soul. The name "Greek Orthodox" in lieu of "Greek Catholic" emphasized that although they were offspring of Greek Catholic parents they were returning to their ancestral pre-1596 "Ukrainian" Orthodox faith. It was clearly understood that the church buildings and property belonged to members of the parish and not to the church hierarchy. No one would have tolerated interference in church affairs by people from outside Canada. And no one even thought about canonicity.

If the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada and its clergy were/are not canonical, does this imply that I am not a Christian? I am now officially a heathen? I fully agree with Bishop Paul Peter Jesep when he states: “Canonical status is about politics.  It’s about power.  It has nothing to do with God, faith, or loving more and judging less to make a better world." 

That is why the latest kerfuffle with Patriarch Filaret and the order of Patriarch Bartholomew via Metropolitan Yurij Kalistchuk [19Apr2012] for my religious representatives to boycott all functions in the vicinity of Patriarch Filaret is so painful to me and to so many other Ukrainians. An outsider is dictating what we must do in Canada. An outsider and/or Metropolitan Yurij are laying claim to my parish property. The canonicity canard is threatening my Christianity. My clergy refuses to pray for the soul of my relatives and the UPA. They refuse to represent me in Parliament when Andrei Sheptytsky is honoured.

The souls of the founders of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, including the souls of my parents, are not resting easy today.

(8) Katriuk2012: http://www.willzuzak.ca/cl/katriuk2012/katriuk2012.html

Beekeeper accused of Nazi war crimes living quietly in Quebec  thespec.com, 26Apr2012; Canadian Press
Accused Nazi living as Quebec beekeeper   Toronto Star, 26Apr2012; Andy Blatchford

It looks like the Holocaust Industry is gearing up its Ukrainophobia campaign once again via its attack on Vladimir Katriuk in the 26Apr2012 issue of the Toronto Star. Back in November 1999, I wrote a critique of the Marc Nadon verdict against Mr. Katriuk. It is archived at

On 30Jun2007, I added a short update:
In a short letter dated May 18, 2007, Raylene Baker, Senior Director of Citizenship and Immigration Canada informed Vladimir Katriuk "that on May 17, 2007 the Governor in Council decided not to revoke your citizenship". Presumably, this brings the persecution of Mr. Katriuk to an end. All that remains is to demand and obtain an apology and financial restitution/compensation from the federal government.

Obviously, I underestimated the mendacity of the Holocaust Industry and its pimps. Now that John Demjanjuk is no longer alive, they must turn their attention to another aging victim.

The MoZeus site archives articles relevant to denaturalization and deportation chronologically via links to -- direct d/d -- , Wasyl Odsynsky (Oberlander) , Josef Furman (Skomatchuk)
The Katriuk2012 link on the WiZeus site is a chronological continuation of these links.

Also on MoZeus are links to SS in Britain , -- SS2 -- , -- SS3 -- which analyze earlier Ukrainophobic attacks from 2001. Is it just a coincidence, that the initial article in this series is also from the Toronto Star dated 27Dec2000?

Respectfully submitted
Will Zuzak, 2012.05.02