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Letter to Metropolitan of UOCC to apologize for disrespect of Patriarch Filaret


Christ is Risen!

April 19, 20121

Regarding: The Arrival in Canada of "Patriarch Filaret"

Reverend Fathers,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In accordance and blessing of His All-Holiness, Patriarch Bartholomew I, "Patriarch
Filaret" cannot at this time be welcomed nor have banquets organised in his honour in the
parishes, or their properties, of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada. In addition to this,
no clergyman or member of the Consistory Board can be in the vicinity of "Patriarch Filaret" as
any picture or report may portray this presence as representing or offering support of the

With love in Christ and Hierarchical blessing,
YURIJ, Metropolitan

Dear Friends, 

Chrystos Voskres!

In light of the actions and letter issued by Metropolitan Yuriy of Canada forbidding Patriarch Filaret from visiting Ukrainian Orthodox Churches in Canada and pressuring church members not to greet His Holiness we ask that you copy the following text, inserting your name etc. at the bottom and email the Metropolitan and Chancellor.  Members of the UOCC and Ukrainians around the world believe that an apology is in order and we respectfully ask for this with a short letter.  It is also helpful so that he sees many emails from many people and understands this is not a few people upset but the majority of Ukrainian Orthodox both in Ukraine and in the diaspora.  It is important that this be done in the next few days as there will be meetings to discuss and get clarification on how this was handled.  Thank you in advance to those who copy and email this letter.  Also forward to anyone who has also been upset by the recent actions of the consistory and Metropolitan Yuriy.

The Metropolitan's email is:  [email protected]    
Also you can copy the Chancellor: 

Here is the sample text:

His Eminence Metropolitan Yuriy Kalistchuk
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
9 St. John's Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R2W 1G8

April 25, 2012

Your Eminence,

Chrystos Voskres! 

Please allow me to relay my disappointment in the UOCC's position in regards to Patriarch Filaret's visit this past weekend in Toronto. I feel that the letter you issued barring Ukrainian Orthodox Christians from welcoming another conveyed very anti-Christian sentiments, as well as, showing complete disrespect towards a fellow Ukrainian. I believe in "Love thy neighbor as thyself" and on that basis, feel you owe Patriarch Filaret and the Ukrainian Orthodox community an apology. 

Yours in Christ, 

Your Name etc.