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Alleged Nazi war criminal sought by Russia dies in Quebec Globe and Mail, 28May2015; Steven Chase
RCC Statement on the Act of Vandalism in Montreal, Quebec, May 12, 2015  Russian Congress of Canada, 13May2015; Russian Congress

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Beekeeper accused of Nazi war crimes living quietly in Quebec  thespec.com, 26Apr2012; Canadian Press
Accused Nazi living as Quebec beekeeper   Toronto Star, 26Apr2012; Andy Blatchford
Canadian participated in 1943 massacre in Nazi-occupied village  National Post, 24Apr2012; Stewart Bell

It looks like the Holocaust Industry is gearing up its Ukrainophobia campaign once again via its attack on Vladimir Katriuk in the 26Apr2012 issue of the Toronto Star. Back in November 1999, I wrote a critique of the Marc Nadon verdict against Mr. Katriuk. It is archived at

On 30Jun2007, I added a short update:
In a short letter dated May 18, 2007, Raylene Baker, Senior Director of Citizenship and Immigration Canada informed Vladimir Katriuk "that on May 17, 2007 the Governor in Council decided not to revoke your citizenship". Presumably, this brings the persecution of Mr. Katriuk to an end. All that remains is to demand and obtain an apology and financial restitution/compensation from the federal government.

Obviously, I underestimated the mendacity of the Holocaust Industry and its pimps. Now that John Demjanjuk is no longer alive, they must turn their attention to another aging victim.

The MoZeus site archives articles relevant to denaturalization and deportation chronologically via links to -- direct d/d -- , Wasyl Odsynsky (Oberlander) , Josef Furman (Skomatchuk)
The Katriuk2012 link on the WiZeus site is a chronological continuation of these links.

Also on MoZeus are links to SS in Britain , -- SS2 -- , -- SS3 -- which analyze earlier Ukrainophobic attacks from 2001. Is it just a coincidence, that the initial article in this series is also from the Toronto Star dated 27Dec2000?

Vladimir Katriuk 26Apr2012 by Rimiorz

Vladimir Katriuk by Rimiorz for 26Apr2012 Toronto Star article