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Demjanjuk Book | 07Nov2012 | Vera Busch

Ukrainian-language translation of "Demjanjuk -- Der Sündenbok"

Sent: Wed 07/11/2012 1:53 AM

Hi Will,

Big news on John Demjanjuk. My husband Dr. Ulrich Busch finally got the Ukrainian translation of his German book: Demjanjuk - Der Sündenbock (The Scapegoat)

In Germany we used, Print on Demand, which costs nothing. The book is printed when ordered. It can be ordered from any bookshop, Amazon, etc. Dr. B gets nothing, which is OK. No cost, no profit. We did spend 800 Euro for the 2 photos on the cover from Getty Images, but also OK.

Do you know how these final words, originally spoken word for word as a Final Statement in the Munich court, can be marketed for the Diaspora?


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[W.Z. It is not clear if an English-language translation of this "Final Statement in the Munich court" is available. I am not familiar with "Print on Demand". If any reader has any concrete suggestions as how to best distribute these "booklets", perhaps they could contact Mrs. Busch or myself.]