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Kyiv Post | 19Oct2011 | Associated Press

US: Don't reopen Demjanjuk citizenship case

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Federal prosecutors [from the OSI] want to block a move to restore U.S. citizenship to a man deported to Germany and convicted on Nazi war crimes charges.

In a Cleveland federal court filing Tuesday night, prosecutors said it was brazen for retired Ohio autoworker John Demjanjuk to cast himself as a victim following his May 12, 2011 conviction in Germany on over 28,000 counts of accessory to murder.

Demjanjuk's attorneys charge that the government failed to disclose important evidence, namely a 1985 secret FBI report uncovered by The Associated Press.

It indicates the FBI believed a Nazi ID card purportedly showing Demjanjuk served as a death camp guard was a Soviet-made fake.

Demjanjuk, who's 91, was sentenced to five years in prison.


The Trawniki ID card was forged? Impossible!


Contemporary depictions of the Holocaust tend to be fictitious? Impossible!


A Jewish judge in the U.S. is going to find in favor of John Demjanjuk? ...