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Reply to Ulrich Busch | 03Sep2012 |  Kurt Schrimm

The Central Office of the Judicial Authorities
for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes
Ludwigsburg, Sept. 3, 2012
Dr. Ulrich Busch
Sohlstaettenstrasse 121
40880 Ratingen

Re: Your letter dated Aug 29, 2012

Dear Dr. Busch,

There is no reason to support your request dated Aug 29, 2012.

Firstly, I agree with you, that your former client John Demjanjuk is to be considered innocent due to the absence of the legally binding verdict.  I have stated just that to the media. An interview with DPA is non existent. A press release in another case, which was provided to the DPA, does not contain the name Demjanjuk.

Additionally I can support the legal opinion of the district court Munich for current cases (in particular since the legal opinion has been developed under my authority), and I can supply these to the media on request.

Best Regards

Lead Public Prosecutor