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Kontakt TV | 05May2012 | Ihor Klufas

Metropolitan Yuri discusses Patriarch Filaret episode with St. Volodymyr parishioners

Saturday's Kontakt TV program had a very interesting report about a special town hall meeting which was held recently at St. Volodymyr UOC in Toronto.  Metropolitan Yuri and his advisors met with key laypeople and influential members of the UOCC.

The full range of moods within the crowd was hard to gauge, but some individuals were shown to express disappointment and anger with the Met's stance against Patriarch Filaret during his visit to Canada.  He looked slightly uncomfortable with a certain wave of solidarity in the audience, which appeared to be mostly united against the Met's controversial position.  He had trouble fully expressing his justification for his unpopular stance, citing Church canon, orders from Constantinople, etc.  Some comments from the audience included references to the need for the UOCC to listen the needs and desires of the faithful, the logic of supporting Ukraine versus the illogic of being a party to Russia's wishes, and the urgent requirement to face the present by reviewing some of the rigid and destructive canonical elements, to which the UOCC is tied.

 Hopefully, a full recording or transcipt of the meeting will surface -- the report only scratched the surface, but at least it provided a good start in documenting the rift within the UOCC.  The seriousness of the situation is evident based on the passionate deliveries from the audience to Metropolitan Yuri.

 The report is online ...
Kontakt TV: May 5, 2012 (#2036, Part 2)

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