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Ukrainian Oligarchs Invest in Politics International Policy Digest, 16Sep2018; James Durso
How Ukrainians Turned Into a “Leftwing” Nation Vox Ukraine, 13Jun2018; Vitaliy Protsenko

Russian interference in American Presidential elections not limited to 2016 Politics, 20Aug2018; Gerald Kokodyniak
In Ukraine, Attacks on Civil Society Spread to the Regions Atlantic Council, 08Aug2018; Yevhen Bystrytsky
Putin's Plan to Russify the Caucasus Foreign Affairs, 01Aug2018; Neil Hauer
Henry Kissinger Pushed Trump to Work With Russia to Box In China Daily Beast, 25Jul2018; Asawin Suebsaeng et al

The Provocation of "Sanctioning" Russia Defence Report, 25Jun2018; Victor Rud

Polish politics in Volyn Ukrainian Week, 21May2018; Sviatoslav Lypovetsky
Investment Opportunities in Ukraine Ukraine Invest, 2018; Opportunity Reports
Why does Kremlin need militarized troops in the U.S. Slavic Sacramento, 01Sep2017; Ruslan Gruzhiy

Denial of the Obvious Vox Ukraine, 16Apr2018; Volodymyr Ishchenko
The grand chessboard: Ukrainian-Polish clashes Ukrainian Week, 02Apr2018; Sviatoslav Lypovetsky

Where, exactly, is the surprise about Russia? Defence Report, 26Mar2018; Victor Rud
Russia’s Covert Campaign to Inflame East Europe Daily Beast, 02Mar2018; Oskar Gorzynski

Why Putin Likes the West Foreign Policy Association, 20Feb2018; Victor Rud, [2] 26Mar2018, [3] 25Jun2018

How Poroshenko Can Easily Be Reelected Atlantic Council; 17Jan2018; Diane Francis
War in Ukraine: A struggle over Russia’s identity CEPA, 09Jan2018; Janusz Bugajski
US Weapons and Chinese Cash Compete for Influence in Ukraine Daily Signal, 08Jan2018; Nolan Peterson
This Time It Will Be Very, Very Different Atlantic Council, 08Jan2018; Diane Francis, [2] 17Jan2018

Inside a Russian disinformation campaign in Ukraine in 2014 Washington Post, 25Dec2017; Ellen Nakashima
The night when Ukraine almost lost its visa-free regime with the EU Euromaidan Press, 09Dec2017; Serhiy Sydorenko, [2] Ukrainian
How to Stand Up to the Kremlin Foreign Affairs, 05Dec2015; Joseph Biden and Michael Carpenter

Gentlemen, stop moralizing about Ukraine, because you left us alone 112.UA, 29Nov2017; Arsen Avakov

The Struggle for Ukraine Chatham House, 18Oct2017; Timothy Ash et al

Canada Adopts Version of Magnitsky Law, Shuns Global Outlaws World Affairs, 20Oct2017; Vladimir Kara-Murza
Schooled in Scandal: What Makes Ukraine a Hotbed of Intrigue New York Times, 07Oct2017; Andrew Higgins
Russia and the West: Handling the clash of worldviews ECFR, 04Oct2017; Vygaudus Usackas
How to finish the revolution in Ukraine Kyiv Post, 02Oct2017; Olena Sotnyk, [2] Brian Bonner

Arms-Washing: Ukraine Network Moves Embargoed European Arms  OCCRP, 25Sep2017; Graham Stack
Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe  ECFR, 18Apr2017; Mark Galeotti
Putin's Ukraine Peace Offer Is a Trojan Horse Bloomberg View, 07Sep2017; Editors, [2] W.Z.

Could sending lethal weapons to Ukraine bring peace? DW.com, 24Aug2017; Alexander Vershbow, [2] Petro Poroshenko, [3] Rex Tillerson
In 12th century the land is first mentioned as Ukraine EMPR, 17Aug2017; Maria Nesheva
The Truth About the War in Ukraine Daily Signal, 10Aug2017; Nolan Peterson
The best army Ukraine has ever had OSW Studies, 01Jul2017; Andrzej Wilk

This Is How the Russian Kleptocracy Operates Esquire, 27Jul2017; Charles Pierce
Bill Browder's Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee The Atlantic, 25Jul2017; Rosie Gray (Bill Browder)
Browder2017RedNotice.pdf  [118-page pdf] -- Bill Browder's life story leading to Magnitsky Act
Simpson20170822SenateInterview.pdf  [312-page pdf] -- Senate Interview of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS re Steele Dossier on Trump
Simpson20171114HouseInterview.pdf  [165-page pdf] -- House Interview of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS re Steele Dossier on Trump
Jared Kushner sealed real estate deal with oligarch's firm cited in money-laundering case Guardian, 24Jul2017; Wendy Dent et al
Russian Lawyer’s‘Trump Mission' was to Dump Magnitsky Act World Affairs, 14Jul2017; Vladimir Kara-Murza

How An Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar WIRED, 20Jun2017; Andy Greenberg
The case of Viktor Medvedchuk New Eastern Europe, 07Jun2017; Taras Kuzio

How Moscow hijacked the history of Kyivan Rus’ Euromaidan Press, 14May2014; Yaroslav Dashkevych, [2] Ukrainian, [3] youtube [21:35, Russian], [4] pdf
Ukraine's Independence Is Still Essential To U.S. Security And Stability Forbes, 19May2017; Victor Rud

ICJ: UKRAINE v. RUSSIAN FEDERATION International Court of Justice, 19Apr2017; Judges Abraham et al

A few pertinent facts about Nazi war criminals in Canada Ottawa Citizen, 27Mar2017; David Matas, [2] & [3] Lubomyr Luciuk
Mainstream media must wake up to Putin’s threat Ukrainian News, 16Mar2017; Marco Levytsky, [2] Lozynskyj, [3] Simons, [4] Glavin

An agreement with Putin is an agreement with the devil Euromaidan Press, 10Feb2017; Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, [2] German, [3] Ukrainian 
International Security and Estonia 2017 Estonian Information Board, 31Dec2016; Mike Marran
The Panama Papers 01May2016, Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier
The battle for historical memory Ukrainian Week, 02Jun2016; Ihor Losiev, [2] Prymost, [3] Tynchenko
The Rise and Fall of Russian Wannbes Ukrainian Week, 16Jan2016; Valeriy Prymost
Combat Readiness. Level..? Ukrainian Week, 02Jan2016; Yaroslav Tynchenko

Donald Trump should ask Putin's Ukrainian hostages how torture 'works' KHPG, 30Jan2017; Halya Coynash
To tame Russia, look to its imperial past Globe and Mail, 17Jan2017; Carl Bildt
The art of whose deal? Kyiv Post, 10Jan2017; Victor Rud
The Curious World of Donald Trump’s Private Russian Connections American Interest, 09Jan2017; James Henry

A kleptocratic coalition of clans has captured the Ukrainian state Kyiv Post, 29Dec2016; Taras Kuzio
Tiny Estonia Takes Tall Stand Against Russian Rights Abusers World Affairs, 16Dec2016; Vladimir Kara-Murza

The Kleptocracy Curse: Rethinking Containment Hudson Institute, 20Oct2016; Tim Judah

UN report finds killings on both sides in Donbas Human Rights in Ukraine, 15Jul2016; Halya Coynash

My list of dirty deals Kyiv Post, 17Jun2016; Serhii Leshchenko

UKRAINE’S REVOLUTION FATIGUE Business Ukraine, 13May2016; Taras Kuzio
Ukraine's Unique Totalitarian Trauma Offers Key to Historic Healing Atlantic Council, 09May2016; Peter Dickinson
When Stalin was Hitler's ally Eurozine, 08May2015; Timothy Snyder