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Miscellaneous Introduction

As of May 2016, it appears that Vladimir Putin has succeeded in establishing a "frozen conflict" in the Donbas similar to that existing in Transnistria, Abkhazia and areas elswhere in the former Soviet Union. The occupied territories have become an outpost for further Russian imperialist expansion, which may explode at any moment.

Nevertheless, despite the endemic corruption within the rest of Ukraine and the refusal of the Oligarchs to permit reforms, occasional positive articles appear in the press that do not fit nicely in the negative "Issues:" categories in the right-hand column of the WiZeus page. (In the past, positive articles were often highlighted in green.) I have decided to add a "Miscellaneous" category to host positive articles and other articles that do not fit nicely in the other categories.

The first two such articles are by Peter Dickinson and Timothy Snyder.

Will Zuzak; 2016.05.12