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Panama Papers | 01May2016 | Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier

The Panama Papers


1 Start
2 Vladimir Putin’s mysterious friend
3 The shadow of the past
4 Commerzbank and its lies
5 Mossack Fonseca’s role in the Syrian war
6 From the Waffen-SS to the CIA and Panama
7 The football factory
8 On fishing, finding and fine art
9 A view of the White House
10 Sparks fly
11 Fear and trepidation
12 The Siemens millions
13 ‘Regarding my meeting with Harry Potter. . .’
14 A secret meeting with Alpine views
15 Mossfon Holdings
16 Spirit of Panama
17 The world is not enough
18 The looting machine
19 Secret meetings in the Komitèrom
20 At the mercy of monsters
21 The red nobility
22 The Gas Princess and the Chocolate King
23 Those German banks
24 A raid by the Vikings of finance
25 Dead-end trails
26 United by marriage, united by money
27 Star, star, Mega Star
28 The fourth man and FIFA
29 The 99 per cent and the future of tax havens
30 The cold heart of the offshore world

The revolution will be digitized

[... 283-page pdf file ...]

[W.Z. Although there are many Russia-related references throughout the book, Ukraine-related references are on page 55 (Tymoshenko, Lazarenko) and in Chapter "22 The Gas Princes and the Chocolate King" from pages 183 to 190, which includes the comment: "This is a country that stood out in the data; we find more high-ranking  politicians from Ukraine, riddled with corruption and mismanagement, than virtually any other country."

A search for "panama papers database" on the Internet yields several  searchable databases including  the CBC.ca, which was one of the entities chosen by the ICIJ to represent Canada. The original one created by ICIJ is at

https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/   ]