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[email protected] | 20Aug2018 | Gerald William Kokodyniak M.A.Sc.

Russian interference in American Presidential elections not limited to 2016

[W.Z.: Gerry Kokodyniak has created a short list of U.S. politicians, who appear to have been recruited by the Russian intelligence services to support Putin's genocidal policies against Ukraine and Ukrainians. Obviously, the list could be greatly expanded and broadened to include other people and organizations. Could a similar list be compiled in Canada? What about other countries in Europe and around the world? Finally, is there anything Ukrainians could/should do to counter this threat?]

I am beginning to think that Russia had been interfering in the American GOP leadership races more than just Trump in 2015/2016 and not just the GOP. They undoubtedly have been backing multiple horses just like they back extreme left-wing and extreme right wing parties in the EU.

Trump hinted as far back as 1987 he was interested in running for President, he later ran in 1999 via the Reform party and failed to win the nomination -- Trump withdrew shortly after his backer Jesse Ventura quit the Reform Party after an internal party conflict. He mused running again in 2012 for the GOP but got cold feet.

In 2012 Ron Paul ran for the presidential race in the 2012 for the GOP, 1988 for the Libertarian Party, and 2008 for the GOP. Since he has been retired, he has been running the very soviet sounding "Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity" that has been taking russian money and advocating American isolationism.

In 2015 his son Rand Paul ran for President in the GOP. During his time in the Senate, he has voted against expanding NATO to include Easter European countries, went to Moscow to improve relations with the Russians, and after coming back from Moscow has been lobbying to remove sanctions on Russian politicians as a start -- those placed by Obama after the seizure of Crimea. Senator John McCain has publicly stated that Paul is working for the Russians.

Jesse Ventura was backing Trump in his 1999 run for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party while he was in office as Governor of Minnesota. Later on he got caught up in this "Alt-Right like" pursuit of conspiracy theories and promoting them thru TV shows, also via nutcase Alex Jones (who has his own Russian connections via Dugin & constantly using Russia Today news clips) and then later on Russia today where he has his own TV show. There are many that tried to recruit him to run for President in 2016 in which he backed off and again for 2020 -- both times it would be under the Green Party banner. He backed John Kerry in his 2004 presidential run and backed Ron Paul in 2011. Ron Paul has his own Russian demons and Kerry as Secretary of State was way to cozy with Lavrov and may have undermined Ukraine during Euromaidan, and subsequent Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Dana Rohrabacher -- GOP congressman --  is known to be a Russian collaborator -- Washington's dirtiest known secret. He also was on a short list for Secretary of State by Trump -- yes really.

Steve Bannon who has been screwing around in the GOP with the tea party since his ouster in White House has been travelling around the EU meeting with extreme right wing parties trying to get them to unite especially to unify policy in the EU in order to destroy the EU -- every party he interacts with has been receiving financial & moral & logistical support from Putin via his neo-nazi philosopher Aleksandre Dugin.

Dr. Jill Stein, presidential candidate for the Green Party in the USA was at the famous RT 10th anniversary dinner in Moscow in December 2015 in which Lt. General Flynn & Stein sat at the head table with Mad Vlad Putin. Afterwards she gave a nice propaganda video clip in which she praised the Human Rights of Russia and how great Russia was. :O :O Her purpose (in which it is not clear if she did so knowingly or not) was to bleed off support from Clinton in the 2016 elections and thus ensure battleground states fell to Trump. Considering the the margins in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan & Wisconsin were so tight, it indeed served that purpose very well and ensured a Trump Presidency.

The Democrats are also not clean on this. Kerry was way too cozy with Lavrov in 2015/2016 were the running joke was that they should get a room.

Bernie Sanders with his pro-Soviet views was well supported (again not sure knowingly or not) by Russian troll farms to bleed off support from Clinton and thus cause her to have to fight all the way into the convention and bleed off more resources in the primaries instead of the general election. Oddly enough some key personnel in the Bernie Sanders campaign ended up working for the Trump campaign which is an oddity in itself because of the disparity in campaign platforms but makes more sense in that they may have been Russian assets. BTW Bernie Sanders voted against CAATSA in 2017 -- the only Democrat to do so. (1 GOP Senator, 1 Dem Senator, & 3 GOP Congressmen)

ex-Congressman Democrat John Conyer who led the left wing of the Democratic party for years, had been extremely pro-Moscow for decades in his position. Like Rohrabacher, it was an open secret he was Moscow's man in Congress. He had been affiliated with the Communist Party of the USA for decades aka the "National Lawyers Guild" and the kremlin-founded "World Peace Council" -- that group is in the Mitrohkhin Archve.

Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has consistently been taking to the defence of Assad in Syria despite the horrendous war crimes with the help of the Russians. Gabbard had hired Chris Cooper of the Potomac Square Group -- one of seven well known lobbyists who directly work on behalf of the Russian Government -- Browder had identified these seven lobbyists who are all now interacting with the Trump Administration -- Vesselnytskaya is one of the seven identified by Browder. Just follow the money.

There are no doubt others that I have missed but it is clear that the Russians had multiple horses they backed that had Presidential aspirations and Trump was the one that actually succeeded.

Gerald William Kokodyniak M.A.Sc.
InfoUkes Inc.
[email protected]