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Ukraine Invest | 2018 | Opportunity Reports

Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

UkraineInvest20180401AGRO-landscape.pdf    [4.3 MB, 33-pages] -- Agriculture in Ukraine -- 14 areas including land market
UkraineInvest20180401AGRO-portrait.pdf        [3.8 MB, 64-pages] -- farming, tractors, dairy, poultry, snails, food processing, etc.

UkraineInvest20180201IT.pdf                            [6.2 MB, 35-pages] -- Internet Technology -- cryptocurrencies, blockchain

The Ukraine Invest Team headed by Daniel Bilak has offices in Kyiv (12 personnel), Vinnytsia (2), Ivano Frankivsk (2) and Mykolaiv (1).
Thus far, they have issued 2 Investment Opportunity Reports associated with Internet Technology and Agriculture, which are archived above.

Secondly, they appear to be connected to the Ukraine Business Journal (UBJ) at https://theubj.com/ , which issues "a free on-line publication containing a weekly summary of important business news in Ukraine. The stories should be of particular interest to potential investors and the wider business and diplomatic community as they will inform on the growing diversity of Ukraine’s business and economic climate."
- An example of the 07-11May2018 Business Week issue is archived as

UkraineInvest-20180514Week17.pdf        [0.85 MB, 15-pages] -- Agriculture (6  short paragraphs), Anti-corruption (3), Automotive (2), Aviation (7), Banking & Finance (3), EU: Reform Contract, conditions,assistance, plus another 18 paragraphs, Business (19), Commodities (6), Energy (8), Infrastructure (4), Privatization (3), Travel (1), Transportation (2).

Readers interested in these areas are encouraged to check out these websites, subscribe to their publications and contact the personnel, if specific information is required.