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Ken O'Keefe | 09Dec2013 | Sophie Shevardnadze  [27:33]
Moscow: http://www.rt.com

Ken O'Keefe: "Time to arrest traitors in White House/Congress"

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Published on 09 Dec 2013
Perhaps my best interview ever. Please support my show on The Peoples Voice to make more such talk possible

Sophie Shevardnadze, host of the program Sophie & Co. (available at the http://www.rt.com/ website, which links to the live Russian RT channel at http://www.rt.com/on-air/ ) interviews Ken O'Keefe, who became a "dissident" against U.S. military intervention after personally experiencing the war in Iraq. (O'Keefe is talking from London; Sophie Shevardnadze is in Moscow)

- As in all events in the Middle East, Israel is deliberately fomenting instability in the region. Greater Israel Project. Bankers rule the earth -- they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought -- they are psychopaths.
- Barack Obama is actually a constitutional lawyer -- who has no qualms of executing anyone he wishes. Pure evil.
Sophie: Where is the revolution that you are talking about? (No real protests against NSA surveillance.)
- People did prevent bombing of Syria. Iran is the ultimate goal of these psychopaths.
- We in the West are the problem, not Assad.

[... break ...]

Sophie: Iran has softened its stance in its confrontation with West. What now?
- Any attack on Iran will trigger WW3. Israeli policies are self-destructive.
- Doesn't believe an Iranian nuclear weapons program exists. The first nation that should disarm is the United States. Pure hypocrisy.
- These days, our education is really indoctrination. As people regain their "sanity", they will confront reality.
- O'Keefe has given up his U.S. citizenship; but his dream is to eventually return and retire in Hawaii.

[W.Z. One can agree or disagree with the views of Ken O'Keefe. The point is that a critic of American, British and perhaps European foreign policy can express his views much more effectively in Moscow than in the West. As I watched the video, I noted that the byline at the bottom of the screen was referring to world events, which included several references to the ongoing Euromaidan demonstrations in Kyiv, Ukraine. Surely, both Ms. Shevardnadze and Mr. O'Keefe were aware of these massive demonstrations and could/should have referred to them during the interview as a current example of people protesting against oppression.

It is obvious that Vladimir Putin has initiated a full-scale propaganda offensive to demonize the West -- using the West's own dissidents. Unfortunately, it is likely to prove effective. Edward Snowden has found sanctuary in Moscow, where British WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison spent four months with him. To save on taxes a disenchanted French actor/singer gave up his French citizenship for Russian citizenship. Ukrainians would do well to monitor Sophie & Co and Putin's propaganda site.]