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VOSvoboda | 16Sep2016 | Oleh Tyahnybok [03:25, Ukr]
This is an excerpt from:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7gIpkLicEQ&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop  [01:07:19, Ukr/German]

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Oleh Tyahnybok overcame Russian propaganda in court over German newspaper
Олег Тягнибок переміг російську пропаганду в суді над німецькою газетою

Published on 16 Sep 2016
Україна не веде жодної боротьби за захист інтересів держави в світовому інформаційному просторі. Натомість Кремль поширює в Європі та всьому світі потужну антиукраїнську пропаганду, не отримуючи ніяких контратак. Якщо ми негайно не почнемо захищати свого інформаційного простору і своїх громадян, в якому куточку світу вони би зараз не перебували, Україна не має шансів на будь-які зовнішні чи внутрішні перемоги та й навіть на існування як великої цивілізованої європейської держави. Власне, сильні держави відрізняються від слабких тим, що вони вміють захищати свої інтереси в світі. Про це 16 вересня 2016 року заявив лідер Всеукраїнського об'єднання "Свобода" Олег Тягнибок на спільній прес-конференції з німецьким адвокатом, доктором юриспруденції Ульріхом Бушем на тему: "Захист іміджу України від московської пропаганди в Європі". Тему було розкрито на прикладі виграної судової справи лідера ВО "Свобода" проти редактора відомої німецької газети "Зюддойче Цайтунґ".
Детальне: http://svoboda.org.ua/news/events/001...

Ukraine does not fight to protect the interests of the state in world informational space. Instead, the Kremlin is spreading powerful anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Europe and the whole world, without receiving any counter-attacks.If we don't immediately start protecting our informational space and our citizens, in whatever corner of the world they live, Ukraine has no chance of any external or internal victories, or even existing as a large civilized European nation. In particular, strong nations are different from weak nations in that they know how to protect their interests in the world. On 16Sep2016, the leader of VO Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok, expressed this theme at a joint press conference with German lawyer, Dr. Ulrich Busch: "Defense of the image of Ukraine from Moscow propaganda in Europe." As an example, the victorious court case of the leader of VO Svoboda against the editor of the influential German newspaper "Suddeutsche Zeitung" was discussed.
In more detail: http://svoboda.org.ua/news/events/001...

[00:00 -- 00:25]
Narrator: Oleh Tyahnybok won a court case against the editor of the German newspaper "Suddeutsche Zeitung". The case lasted two years, but now defendent Johannes Obermeyer must answer for the article that distorted the words of the leader of Svoboda, depicting him as a fascist and anti-semite.
[00:25 -- 01:05]
Tyahnybok: Ukraine has been  defamed by the Kremlin in the eyes of European society. At that same time, VO Svoboda was defamed. And as a result of these fantasies, over all these lies about Svoboda, a definite negative image was formed about Ukraine, about our nation and our goals. Usually, the defence of the honour and  image from lies is one of the most important tasks of every nation on earth. And when we look at how other nations react, they defend their image in courts, they defend their citizens, they defend their organizations that fall under such informational attacks
[01:05 -- 01:17]
Narrator: This is not the first time that disinformation has been spread in the German press. This was magnified by pro-Russian parliamentarians in the Bundestag, explains German lawyer,Ulrich Busch. He represented Oleh Tyahnybok in two court cases.
[01:17 -- 01:40]
Busch: After these processes, after these discussions, the defendent Mr. Obermeyer said that he agreed to pay -- not 1,000 Euros -- but a 3,000 Euros fine and direct these costs to Ukrainian organizations in Bonn.
[01:40 -- 01:49]
Narrator: Within Ukraine, the court cases have been much longer.  Every case requires an examination of the statements of dishonest politicians and their pocket news media.
[01:49 -- 02:25]
Oleh Bondarchuk: If we look at the list of the judicial verdicts that we have won against the mass information media, then it appears that this was either during a pre-election period or during the election period. But unfortunately, taking into account the weakness of our judicial system our news media takes advantage of unfettered "freedom of speech". And the only thing that we can do, in contrast to Germany, where there is criminal responsibility for spreading false information, if it can be proven that the person knew that it was false, -- we can only launch civilian cases in defence of honour.
[02:25 -- 03:25]
Tyahnybok: This will be a very serious signal to Ukrainian politicians, that fighting wars amongst themselves here within the country is not permitted -- compromising your political opponents in the West and the whole world. On the other hand, I understand that the people who pursue this campaign against their political opponents -- as they say, under the belt -- are absolutely unconcerned. Ukraine -- absolutely unconcerned -- national interests. And they don't understand the basic principle that strong countriess differ from weak countries in that they know how to defend themselves around the world and for them what is most important is not their individual interests, but defence of the national interest of the country and citizens. In this way, they become not the objects but the subjects of international politics.