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VOSvoboda | 29Dec2013 | Oleh Tyahnybok [11:05, Ukr, Eng. translation]

Solidarity against Terror
Солідарність проти Терору

[W.Z. The information in this speech has never been reported in the Western press and is also ignored or downplayed in many parts of Ukraine. Instead, the mass media takes every opportunity to demonize Oleh Tyahnybok.]

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Published on 29 Dec 2013

[00:00 -- 00:33]
Glory to Ukraine! Friends, God is always good to us and again it is Sunday and again the sun is greeting us and is uplifting us for the struggle against these Bandits ["Band"]. These Bandits who want to set Ukrainians on their knees. Will we give up?  [... No! ...]. Bandits [... Геть! ...], Bandits [... Геть! ...], Bandits [... Геть! ...].
[00:34 -- 01:16]
Friends, our struggle continues. And I am convinced that our motto, which we proposed here at the Revolution of Self-Respect and which has spread throughout Ukraine and the whole world -- the motto "Together to Victory" -- is certainly being realized. Because together we are all -- we are all Ukrainians that the regime wants to divide. But they will not succeed. And to victory ... that means to the realization of all our demands ... justified demands of the Ukrainian nation and Ukrainian society.
[01:17 -- 02:34]
Certainly, each of us has their own motives as to why they came here to this Maidan. Some have had enough. Some are without work. Others are sending their families, mothers, spouses, husbands across the border, where they are breaking their backs for somebody. Some who had businesses -- small and middle-sized -- lost it through seizure by these regionaires and corruptioneers. The hearts of some are bursting for Ukraine. Others are fearful for the future of their children. And almost all of us are here -- because all of us are infuriated by this criminality. Because we can no longer suffer this looting .. this contempt for their own people. We cannot look on quietly at how the militia, which is paid from the budget -- from our taxes -- beats our children, beats elderly people, beats women. The militia, which should protect all of us, on the contrary, has been formed to fight against its own people.
[02:35 -- 04:36]
Sometimes people ask me: "Why did you go into politics?" And you know, after such questions, I always have one answer: "I simply remember my own mother who at age four -- by the exact same representative of a spetz-group -- only then with a red star on his forehead -- by this type of spetz-leader -- probably like these Berkutchiks -- came into the house of my family and pulled out my 4-year-old mother by her braids and threw her into the detention truck. And her grandmother, who took a jar of milk so that the children, who were being deported to an unknown destination, could eat some breakfast (because it was at night) .. She lost this jar of milk, because this spetz-leader -- fighter, hero, with a red star on his head -- kicked this jar of milk with his boot and broke it. They sent my family to Siberia for eight years. And that is why I am in politics. Because I do not want a repetition of that. I do not want other "heroes" with ribbons, with red stars on their heads -- and now there is a trident on their uniform -- to come and beat our children, send our mothers to Siberia. I do not want the return of Stalinism. I do not want these Bandits, who today swore loyalty to Putin, so that they can make Ukraine a colony of Moscow. I do not want the Soviet Empire here again. And that is why I went into politics. That is why I am now here with you -- back to back in the struggle -- for my mother, for Ukraine, for our children and for our future.
[04:37 -- 05:58]
Friends, look what is happening. These Bandits, when they came to power, immediately started to build a police state. Let us look at the numbers -- the budget. In the 2010 - 2011 years, the budget of the Procuroracy was increased from 1.2 billion  to 2.2 billion hryvnias. The budget of the SBU was increased by 0.5 billion. The budget of the Ministry of the Interior was increased by 2 billion. In the 2012 - 2013 years, all these budgets were doubled and tripled. Let us look at the projected budget for 2014. The Ministry of the Interior has 16 billion. This is a cosmic sum. And they are still proposing 18.5 billion. At the same time, they are decreasing the financing by 1.0 billion for the Army. Now, the difference in the financing for the Ministry of the Interior and the Ukrainian Army will reach 4.0 billion. Where has that ever been seen? Show me even one country in the world, that allows such a thing.
[05:59 -- 07:38]
Furthermore friends, we see by the statistics for Ukraine that for every 100,000 inhabitants there are 800 militiamen. In comparison, if you please, Czech republic: 400, Italy: 500 for 100,000, U.S.A: 200 for 100,000 inhabitants. The United Nations recommend no more than 222 policemen for 100,000 inhabitants. And what about us? Not even during Soviet Union times were there that many militiamen for 100,000 inhabitants. Ha...Ha..Ha, now it is obvious why. Look at the statistics. Russia: 1,000 militiamen for 100,000 inhabitants, Belarus: 1,400. Now I have understood to whom Yanukovych should be compared. Thus, in the civilized world the police are created to protect the people; whereas in Ukraine they want to create the dictatorship being built in Moscow and Minsk. That is where Ukraine is being taken. I don't want to go there. I want to go into free Europe. I want us all to feel that we are a nation -- free, successful, prospective and that is why, my good people, we are here on Maidan. That is why we are fighting. That is why we are protesting.
[07:39 -- 08:28]
Spetz-group Berkut -- that is a structure of the Ministry of the Interior, which is deployed throughout all Ukraine -- all oblasts [provinces] have their own divisions, in the city of Kyiv and the city of Sevastopol. But in addition to that, there are 12 spetz-groups within the Army. "Barz" is located in Irpin, Kyiv Oblast. "Hepard" is located in Zaporizhia. We have "Titan" -- that is "Sluzhba Okhorony". We have "Scorpion"; we have "Mega"; we have "Vega"; we have "Scat"; we have the spetz-group for quick reaction "Sokil"; we have the spetz-group of the SBU "Alpha".
[08:29 -- 09:09]
Friends, for whom and why are these spetz-groups responsible to the president being created? And they are supposed to implement his decrees? To protect peaceful people? No! To beat peaceful demonstrators. "Heroes" have been found. "Heroes" against students. "Heroes" against women. Instead, they should go after the bandits that have been operating throughout Ukraine. Come on, show your strength, show your capabilities, show your muscles, your discipline. You can only act against peaceful inhabitants under orders from the "Bandit" regime.
[09:10 -- 09:10]
We will not, my friends, allow Ukraine to be turned into a dictatorship in the center of Europe. Bandits [... Геть! ...], Bandits [... Геть! ...], Bandits [... Геть! ...]. Together we are strong. We will certainly be victorious, because the truth is behind us. Because we only want good -- good for everyone. We want our families to have a normal, righteous life. We want our children to go to play schools, not pay bribes. Go to normal schools, obtain a normal education. We do not want to search for money for weddings, to worry about where the children will go after their education. We simply want a human civilized life. We do not want to be treated like animals -- to have our feet torn from us -- to bind Ukraine again into a colony -- to again have the red Bolshevik handcuffs suffocate all Ukrainians. We are for a free Ukraine. We are for a European Ukraine. We want to be proud to say that we are Ukrainians -- a strong European nation -- the masters of this land -- without the bandits, without "shulykiv", without "nehidnykiv". That is why our motto at this "viche" [gathering] is the Maidan of  Self-Respect. This is Solidarity against Terror. We will not allow ourselves to be placed on our knees. We will not allow ourselves to be humiliated. We are Ukrainians. We will be victorious. Glory to Ukraine! [... To the heroes glory ...], Glory to Ukraine! [... To the heroes glory ...], Glory to Ukraine! [... To the heroes glory ...].